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                                                                                                            DIE EGO
                                                                                                            Label: Independent
                                                                                                            Release Date:12/06/20
DIE EGO is a three-piece hailing from London and unleashes their debut Album "Culto" in June, this is a remarkable release that's going to sate the thirst of many a Metalhead with these songs of blistering brutality.
The title track "Culto" opens up this eight-track beastie, with Drum's and Guitar riffs to scare and intimidate a horde of Rottweilers, the guys deliver an opening track with menace as we get drawn into "Anger is yours"  sounding like the bastard child of Pantera, Slipknot and Metallica these Rockers continue to batter your head with an iron bar. A personal favorite on here is "Demons have Demons"  venomous and dangerous like a wounded snake in a sea of fire, this is one I can imagine will be killer live, love the heavy laden chugging Bass and cutting Vocals from Gabe.

"Treatment of Silence" is vicious and acidic with its intensity, a groove Metal feels that's highly hypnotic with its vibes embedding themselves into you, it's so powerful as Diego lets fly on his lead Guitar and  Daves Drums resonate while having a kick about in ya head! This is the kind of opus that gets your attention from the get-go as "There Is No Tomorrow" grips you around the throat, spins you around the room with its stomach-churning groove, hell yeah!
There really is no compromise on "Culto" as "The Grave" digs deep into your soul with its unnerving delivery, this would fit nicely on a horror flick.  The pounding and neck straining "Don Get Close" works its magic, it has you banging your head and singing the chorus in no time. 

Final track "I Promise" runs at nearly seven minutes and brings to a close an exemplary debut from DIE EGO, without a doubt we will be hearing more from this Band with a rapidly growing fan base this platter will electrify you, their live shows are becoming legendary and being touted around the Metal scenes many radio stations.  Believe me when I say All Hells breaking loose in London.

BEWARE! A tsunami of face-melting Heavy Metal insanity is going to hit the UK  on the 12th of June!  

Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score:8.5/10
Reviewed: 22/05/20
Track Listing:
2.Anger is Yours
3.Demons have Demons
4.Treatment of Silence
5.There is No Tomorrow
6.The Grave
7.Dont Get Close
8.I Promise

Band Line up
Diego Fardel- Lead Guitar
Gabe Scapigliati -Vocals / Bass
Dave Grosz- Drums


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