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                                                               Dirty Ol Crow   Interview  14.08.2018


Vikki Totten - Vocals
Mike - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Fil - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dom - Bass, Backing Vocals
Keltor - Drum, Backing Vocals

MM: Thanks for the Interview today , hows it going!
DC:It’s going great! We are happy to do this interview with you today.

MM : First up , where did the band's name Dirty ol’ Crow come from? What made you decide to use that as the name?
DC:We had a few other ideas until we decided for “Dirty ol’ Crow” - Vikki came up with it one day and well, we all agreed immediately. You know - sometimes you just hear something and you know right away, that this is exactly it. The name itself does not need much explanation.

MM: When was the band first formed and how did you all meet?
DC:We started rehearsing in April 2017. Mike, Dom and Keltor came to London from Germany with the idea of forming a band. Through some friend recommendations they came across Vikki Totten who brought in Fil just a bit later.

MM : Who writes the songs that you perform? Is it a solo or joint effort?
DC:That depends. Sometimes Fil or Mike come up with a riff which will then be formed into a song. Other times Vikki Totten comes up with some lyrics and we write a song to it. Also, just simple Jam sessions lead to great ideas. Generally, we work on songs quite long to get the best out of it.

MM: How would you describe your music and who do you think it would most appeal to?
DC:We are all influenced by different types of music. Not only Hardrock but many other
genres of Metal have influenced us through the years before Dirty ol’ Crow. The most of us had different musical projects in the past starting from Blues-Rock via Punk to the darkest corners of Black Metal! All this forms the unique sound of Dirty ol’ Crow!

MM: Tell us a little bit about your new Single 'Sex Dictator', and will an Album follow in due course?
DC:The music of “Sex Dictator” was developed a while ago back in Germany. Later on, Vikki Totten wrote the lyrics. They are based on an experience happened on a night out. During the production process, the song was shaped to its perfect arrangement.
We already about to record some more songs for an upcoming EP.

MM: If you could play support to any band or artist, past or present, who would you choose?
DC:Bands such as Motörhead, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Label Society, Nazareth, Metallica, Kvelertak, Böhse Onkelz, Slash, Airborne, Steel Panther and many more…

MM: - What do you feel has been the band biggest accomplishment so far?
DC:No doubt, the M2TM competition 2017/2018. The initial heat was our very first gig and it dropped as a bomb. We continued the competition up until the GRAND FINAL which took place in “The Dome, Tufnell Park”. That felt pretty surreal after playing for only a few months together.

MM : Have any of the band members played in any other bands apart from Dirty ol’ Crow?
DC:Keltor: Thormesis, Schattenreich, Thy Wicket, Waheelas Faehrte, Irrweg, Totensucht, Scutum Crux

Mike: Hroptatyr

Vikki Totten: Naked Saint

MM : What was the first concert you ever went to?
DC:Obviously, we went to see millions of bands in our lifetime - but as a band together we first saw Nazareth in October 2017.

MM : Do you consider yourselves a fan orientated and accessible band?
DC:Yes, of course. We love interacting and chatting with fans.

MM : What bands are you listening to at the moment?
DC;Bands like: Metallica, Black Label Society, Kvelertak, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Cream/ Eric Clapton, Dissection, Böhse Onkelz, Guns n Roses, Pantera, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and of course many many more…

MM : What phrase best describes the band and it's mood right now?
DC:We're loaded like a freight train, coming in like a hurricane.


Quick Fire Round:
1.Vinyl or Digital - Digital
2.Small intimate gig or Festival - Small intimate gig
3.Fish and Chips or Beer - Beer
4.Sleaze Metal or Thrash Metal - Thrash Metal
5.Donald Trump or Theresa May! - none!

MM - Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to your fans out there?
We are looking forward to see as many new faces as possible at our upcoming shows! News about all our releases and gigs will be shown on our social media (@dirtyolcrow) and on our website! See you all soon and keep on rockin.



                                                               DIRTY OL’ CROW

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