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                                                                                             DISINTER interview 10/11/22

MM: You recently released  " Corrode into Nothing "  how pleased are u with the feedback  from fans and media so far


Well so far we are very pleased with the response for the release of Corrode Into Nothing. It is the opening track from our upcoming full length Breaker Of Bones on Pest Records. We started dropping songs at our official YouTube channel leading up to the release of BOB, a few weeks ago, and we are excited to see that people are checking it out and the views are rolling in. 


MM: What can we expect from your album "Breaker of Bones" 


Death Metal. Bone breaking death metal. We have been crafting this skull splitter over the course of about 5 years, yeah we know thats a long time. Fuelled by despair, loss, anger, a pandemic and world confusion, we tried to create some sonic violence in the vein of Disinter, but yet darker, unrelenting and harsh, abrasive if you will. We are very pleased with this effort and hope the listeners are happy with it to, and they get their fix for all the angst and strife we all go through. It feels great when music helps you lose the workd and all its bullshit...


MM:  Plans for the rest of 2022


Well, we will be playing some select shows for 2023, while crafting the follow up to Breaker. Promotion and the usual new album chores will be executed for the rest of this year and most of next; interviews, videos, etc.


MM: Do you ever do live feeds


We never have seriously done live feeds, though it's something we've discussed and plan on doing in the near future. Way back when in 2004 we we're trying to set up our rehearsal room for live rehearsals, with a web cam, but never finalized the effort. I do believe it is something that will be happening in 2023.


 MM: What do you like best and worst about touring


Personally I love touring. Traveling, playing live in other cities and countries. Playing festivals and also getting to watch our favorite bands while waiting for our time slot. Meeting the friends and listeners who make this all count for something. I do miss my bed when on tour... and happy to be off from the day job. I'm usually good for about 4 weeks but then homesickness sets in and the road becomes weary...


  MM: Which three Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies


I think each guy in the band would give out 3 different names, but for me...

Napalm Death



Theres so many though...

Cianide, but they hate touring lol

Malevolent Creation



Jungle Rot


MM: tell us  the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why


Back in the day it would have to be

METALLICA - WASP - ARMORED SAINT, for the Ride The Lightning tour. Well I got shit faced, piss drunk waiting in line, at the Aragon Brawlroom, in Chicago. Vodka, Southern Comfort, Whiskey, weed, LSD, man it was no holds barred back then, "Lets Get Waysted!" Well after being in line for more than 24 hours, I passed out and was removed from the line by Jam security, and put in an ambulance and shipped off to the hospital for alcohol poisoning...they ran IVs, and when I started coming to after a few hours, and feeling better, I removed the needles, got out of the hospital garb, grabbed my clothes, and escaped from the hospital which was only a few blocks away from the venue. As I made it back to the front of the Aragon, the line was shuffling in and here's my group of friends that I went with walking towards the entry door, I hoped back in line with them and was still able to attend the fucking show!



MM - Who do you think influenced the world of Metal more than any other person


Tony Iommi and Black Sabbath 

The godfather, the grandfather and the father of...

His riffing is iconic. Such legendary songs. J


 MM - What's the most important thing to the band right now?


I think we all feel we've come a long way for a long time. We're all happy to still be doing this, and hope for a prosperous and productive longevity. I know we're good for a few more albums still, and we all work hard for what we love. We're ready to start on the follow up to BOB in Jan 2023. We really want to focus on "the perfect release" this time. Our masterpiece if possible.


  MM: If you could do a cover of any song which one would it be and why?


Well we just covered Open Casket from Death. Our drummer Max is a big time Death fan. The song itself is a classic timeless piece of metal. And its subject matter goes hand in hand with our agendas and ideologies. We also asked Rick Rozz from Death if he would contribute lead guitar to the recording and said he would, and he did. We have not released it yet but will be doing that soon. The cover came out really good and we are super happy with it.

We have covered other songs over the years also

Slayer, Show No Mercy 

At The Gates, Blinded By Fear 

Hypocrisy, Osculum Obscenum 

Terrorizer, Dead Shall Rise....


MM: What's the most outrageous thing u have done in the name of Metal


Stayed true to it. Loved it unconditionally. For over 40 years. Still do.


MM: Tell us why we should buy and listen to your Band


Well you should only buy it if you like it and want to add the physical copy to your collect...Unless you're a picky elitist, there's definitely something for you to find within our discography. It's decent death metal. Its thrashy, it's heavy, it's grinding and its from deep within our souls. 


 MM: Four words to describe Disinter


Timeless, Heavy, Fast, Dark


MM: Final Words for your fans and our readers


Thank you for this opportunity to answer some questions and share some insight. Please check out Breaker Of Bones, also Demolition and, Alliance Of Death, all on Pest Records and current releases. Be ready for the next one, we've already got most of the album written and starting to pre pro song ideas, it's gonna be heavy!

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