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                                                                                                            Doll Skin

                                                                                                   Title: Manic Pixie Dream Girl

                                                                                                   Label: EMP Label Group

                                                                                                   Release Date: June 16th, 2017

Doll Skin return with their second album “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”this is due to set the light the world a light, with its vibrancy, intensity , and  boisterousness ,it's totally in your face!!


Opening with the highly catchy lead single “Shut up” (You Miss Me) , this will have you pogoing around the room as Sydney Dolezal commands you to “Shut Up” !! it’s the  kind of track that’s instantly catchy , and bouncy and will get massive airplay for sure.   You can’t help but be impressed , and over rawed by Dolezals Vocals ,they are magnificent especially when you remember she is still a teenager! the gritty anger filled style doesn’t stop as “Daughter” explodes out of your speakers with killer support from Alex Snowden on Guitar , the  pounding rhythms of Nichole Rich on the Bass and Meghan Herring flaying her Drum kit.


“Road Killa” is hellishly addictive, with a dam fine guitar solo, then “Boy Band” unleashes itself ,its full of vitriol, and the  irritation the Girls have had to face since they appeared on the scene ,and no holds barred annoyance is aimed at a certain prima Donna boy Band, Dollskin just wanna kick your head in!!

“Rubi” again sees Alex Snowden delivering some more spell blinding riffs and will have  you singing along with Phoenix’s finest and hitting replay, it’s hard rocking core that will beguile you.


“Sunflower” is a fusion of smashed faced attitude, that leads into “Sweet Pea” a personal song that lets you catch your breath.

Then The driving , power is back with “Baby’s Breath” and then Album highlight the glorious “Persephone “hits the nail on the head with its Metallic Punk fueled sleaze delivery with Dolezal vocals penetrating your cranium.


“Puncha Nazi” is obviously political with a hell of back beat from Herring on the Drums this will be awesome live.

“Uninvited” slows everything down and ends a strong  release  from These four Hard Rocking  Punk inspired girls who released their first EP back in 2015 on Dave Ellefsons EMP Label and haven’t looked back since, having toured with the likes of Hellyeah, Otep, From The Gods and many more household names with some Festival appearances added to the mix, the girls have had and continue to get regular airplay worldwide and with this their sophomore release their can be no doubt that the bands angst, rawness and colourful work will be applauded, adored and see them gain many more fans.

Without a doubt, this opus will see this four piece continue to progress and hit the dizzying heights of stardom! 


 Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score:8.5/10


Reviewed: 12/06/17             Facebook


Track listing:

1. Shut Up (You Miss Me)

 2. Daughter

3. Road Killa

 4. Boy Band

5. Rubi

6. Sunflower

 7. Sweet Pea

8. Baby's Breath

9. Persephone

10. Puncha Nazi

11. Uninvited



Sydney Dolezal – Vocals

Alex Snowden – Guitars

Nicole Rich – Bass

Meghan Herring – Drums


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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