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                                                                                                        Donna Cannone

                                                                                                        Title: Donna Cannone

                                                                                                        Label: Despotz Records

                                                                                                        Release Date:27th May 2022

What happens when talented musicians head to a rehearsal room throw down some catchy grooves and ideas and have some fun? A new band is born! And this is just not any band! Here we have a kick-ass punky retro melodic rock monster named Donna Cannone. Formed by Thundermother Giorgia Cateri and her fellow Italian ex-pat pal Luca D`Andria with Giorgias former bandmate Tida Stenqvist on drums the trio began to put together some new songs after initially playing covers just for enjoyment. A knock on the door brought a surprise Bjorn “Speed” Strid entered  guitar in hand and wanted an in on this band of amazing rockers. Soon the demos fell into the hands of Despotz records, and the rest is history as this debut rocks up and smacks you in the chops with its melodious intent!


The album opener “Cross the line” is massive and has been on constant replay here, as has the whole album, to be honest. It is easy to see why this song was released as the first single as this gritty opener sees D`Andria leading the way with his absorbing vocals and booming bass with fine support from Giorgia and Bjorn on guitars and Tilda Nordlund on drums sets the ball rolling for the rest of this masterpiece.    There is simply no holding back as “Look around you” has more angst than an unleashed rottweiler with its angst and punk fuelled attitude having you singing along as it leads into “Nothing to do” a catchy feel-good song, that needs to be blasted out loud as you speed down life’s highways with the top down and punching the air to this sleazy punk-inspired tune. hell, yeah anthem or what!     


The lyrics to the next two songs really hit home for me first up “Whatever comes your way” grabs ya around the throat and deals its hand in a multitude of colors with its full-on rocking momentum.   

The recent release of “Is it true” featuring one of my favourite female vocalists Mia Karlsson, sends shivers up and down my spine its meaning and feel has this tattooed hardened old rocker filling up and in an ideal world, this would be number one in the mainstream charts of the world for weeks. I play this song daily and if it was vinyl the needle would be worn down by now, a beautiful song of epic proportions.


The pedal is firmly pushed to the metal as “Pushed” takes no prisoners with its Ramones feel. “Long city’s long lost friend” and “Message to tomorrow” continues to keep you singing along and partying into the night.  “The North” is a drastic change in direction on this platter as Bjorn “Speed” Strid’s influence washes over you, it gives you a different feel with its deep and meaningful tones embedding themselves in your skull! The final track “Why am I here” is another no-frills monster to end a formidable debut that will earn the band a massive army of fans. This whole opus hits you in the face with its melodious punk-infused moves. IT RAWKS!

Reviewed: 10/5/22     Score:9/10

Reviewer: Seb Di Gatto



1. Cross the line

2. Look around you

3. Nothing to do

4. Whatever comes your way

5. Is it true

6. Pushed

7. Long City’s long-lost friend

8. Message to tomorrow

9. The North

10. Why am I here

Donna Cannone is: 

Vocals/Bass - Luca D’Andria

Electric Guitar - Giorgia Carteri

Electric Guitar - Björn 'Speed' Strid

Drums - Tilda Nilke Nordlund


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