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                                                                                                                          Down Fall of Gaia


                                                                                                 Interview with Dominik Goncalves dos Reis 18.03.19


MM: Thanks for your time I know you are really busy Getting ready for your tour.

D:Thanks a lot for having us! Sorry that it didn't work out via Skype but we had some busy days before the tour. Sitting in Marseille right now, answering the questions.

MM: is their anywhere you are particularly looking forward to playing.
D:I would say it's the whole tour. There are a lot of cities we haven't played before or haven't been to in a very long time. Really excited about this!

MM:What can we expect from Downfall of Gaia  live
D:We are always trying to let the music speak and try to sink into the moment. If the audience is on our side and we can share the same experience together it's always an unforgettable experience.

MM : Can u tell us what do you like best about touring And worst?
D:It depends on how your are travelling. If you are on the road with a van for example the worst is definitely the lack of sleep. Usually you are ending up in bed/the hotel late in the night and need to get up again very early, just a few hours later to be at the next days venue in time for loading/soundcheck etc.. This can be really exhausting if it's a long tour. The best about touring is definitely the thing that you are able to visit all of those new places you probably wouldn't ever have been to in your entire life.  

MM:Who would be the ultimate bands to  go on tour with
D:This is a question a lot of people do ask and the answer is always the same: For me it's definitely Neurosis. This band had a huge impact on what we are doing. It would truely be a big honour to share the road together. If Altar of Plagues will be ever there again – i also wouldn't mind to join them.

MM: What are your feeling son Bands charging for meet and greets?
D:It's bullshit. I also don't get why people are paying for this. Paying for a handshake and a photo doesn't seem like a fair deal.

MM: Your Album *"Ethic of Radical Finitude* ” has been out a short while how pleased are you with the response from media and fans so far
D:We can't complain i would say. So far the response has been amazing and we are thankful for each and everyone giving us any kind of feedback.

MM: Which is your fave track on the album today and why?
D:For me it's definitely „We Pursue The Serpent Of Time“. I would say it's the most dynamic track on the record with lot's of ups and downs and different emotions. Definitely also a great one to play live.


MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why?
D:I don't remember the year but it was Neurosis in London at Koko. We travelled all the way for just that one show and it was amazing. The venue, the show, the whole thing – it was just perfect! Another amazing and unforgettable experience was Agalloch in Berlin on their final European tour. Unfortunately the only time i was able to see them live and that's probably also why it was such an unforgettable night for me.

MM: What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment so far with Downfall of Gaia
D:I don't know. That's tough to tell. But maybe as simpel as it sounds but being  still a band 10 years later is probably the biggest accomplishment. There have been so many lows and line-up changes that sometimes it's crazy to see that all of this is still working and going on. I know that 10 years are probably nothing for other bands but for us it's nothing we thought would happen when we started this band in 2008.  

MM :Is there any instrument/genre of music you would like to play but haven’t had the opportunity as yet, if so what?
D:I really would love to be able to play Piano. I love the sound and it can be super relaxing to listen to this instrument. But unfortunately this is not the case.

MM:  Which are your Two favorite albums of all time and what they have meant to you personally

D:Altar of Plagues – White Tomb I love this record. In my opinion definitely the best they ever released. The atmosphere is giving me goosebumps still everytime listening to it. The Organ – Grab That Gun Something completely different and definitely not „metal“ but it's an amazing record! Still years later not a single song became boring for me. Perfect soundtrack for long drives

MM : What are you listening to these days yourselves? Old classics or modern bands?
D:Good question...i would say it's a mix. But to be honest i'm not that much up to date with a lot of new bands and most of the time i stick to the classics i already know. ...even if i might miss something good. It was different some years ago...

MM: Downfall of Gaias Motto in Life

D:I don't think the 4 of us got a motto when it comes to the band. But maybe treat others around you always the way you want to be treated.

Quick Fire round:

1.Festival or Small intimate gig
D:Intimate gig


2.Vinyl or Digital


3.Oktoberfest or Wacken
D:Wacken is the Oktoberfest of Metal


4.  Beer or frankfurters


5.  German or Belgian beer

Final Words
D:Thanks a lot for having us! It was a pleasure!


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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