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                                                                                               Downfall of Gaia  Interview  3/11/16

Answers by: Dominik Goncalves dos Reis (Vocals/Guitar)

MG:"Atrophy“ is a superb Album, I love the different feel and atmospherics to the Album. But why that title for the Album

'Atrophy' is a concept record about the constant dialogue between life and death. 
The title itself is the perfect headline for what's going on on the record. 
It deals with the dark aspects each and everyone has to go through, questioning life and its happenings. There is atrophy in each and every day of our lives. I mean – this journey isn't forever. 

MG: Can you give us some insight into two songs on "Atrophy"  firstly "Woe"
and "Petrichor"

„Woe“ is the first single that we released. It gives a good idea of the overall tone of the record. 
A pretty dynamic song with lots of blastbeats and atmospheric sections.
Lyrically the second chapter of the overall journey of 'Atrophy'. 
The second stop in life for the main protagonist.  
„Petrichor“ is the final song of the record. A song without vocals. It slowly builds up for a an intense and harsh final of the record, an atmospheric ending of the story told.  

MG: Do you have any personal favourites on ³Atrophy²

The record is still fresh to us so it is hard to pick yet. 
But i would say 'Ephemerol' and 'Woe' are two of my favourites. 
Songs with lots of ups/downs and dynamics. 

MG:Where do you draw your influences from

It's just everday life. There is enough rough and sad stuff going on in each and everyones life. 
I'm definitely a person thinking and questioning way too much which can be pretty annoying from time to time.
Musically all of us are influenced by a lot of stuff. But of course especially bands like Neurosis, Agalloch, Wolves In The Throne Room etc. had a huge impact on how this band is sounding nowadays! 

 MG:I Love the Album Artwork, do you have it framed on your wall and are their plans to have it selling as a full scale poster.

Thanks a lot! For the artwork we worked together with Sascha/Written In Black.
He did a great job! The vinyl version of 'Atrophy' is coming along with a poster of the artwork!

MG: If I was new to your band which two tracks would you play me from  Downfall of Gaia

Definitely nothing from the 'early days' ;)
I think i seriously would go for songs from the new record. 
The new record is less technical and 'chaotic' as our previous releases.
So i would say all of the new songs are a pretty good example of how Downfall of Gaia is sounding nowadays.

MG: Do you have any other projects or is Downfall of Gaia your sole work..

Downfall of Gaia is definitely our main project. 
Like every drummer Mike is in a lot of other bands too. He also plays drums in „Black Table“, „Number 12 Looks Like You“ and is helping out here and there. 
Marco is in another band called „Caino“. But as i said – the main project for all of us is Downfall of Gaia.
MG:Plans for the rest of 2016 and Next year tour wise?

We will keep it easy in 2016. No more shows planned. We are working on some tours for 2017. 
Can't tell you right now but we will try to stay busy!

MG: What was the first concert you ever went to

Guess it was NOFX and i was 16. 
Skipped school, got drunk, spent my night at the train station. 

MG:Best and worst things about being in a band in 2016

One of the best things playing in a band is travelling the world and being able to see places you would probably never ever have seen in your entire life if there wouldn't be music. 
The worst: We are living in a fast moving time and people have unlearnt to pay attention. It is getting harder and harder for smaller bands to release physical records, hit the road, cover all the expenses and whatsoever.   

MG:Ultimate goal for Downfall of Gaia

I don't know. Being able to do this as long as possible. Sounds cliché but that's how it is.

MG: Tell me why we should buy ³Atrophy²

Because winter is coming!

MG: Four words to describe Downfall of Gaia

Atmopheric, bleak, dark and epic. 

MG: Five quick Fire Questions:
1. Festival or small intimate Gig
small and intimate
2. Beer or Jack Daniels
3.Thrash or Sleaze Metal
Depends on the mood
4.Vinyl or Digital
5.Trump or Clinton
Choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea.
This election became ridicolous.
The only chance to stop Trump is Clinton. So let's go for Clinton. 

MG: Final words for your fans and our listeners

It sounds cliché and i do always answer the same when this question pops up but i'm 100% serious - thanks a lot for the support and really hope to see you at the upcoming shows!
It is highly appreciated!


Interview: By Seb Di Gatto

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