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                                                                                                        Label:Napalm Records
                                                                                                        Release Date:30th October
Another amazing band from Sweden who ply their trade with doom inspired, Melancholic intensity that has elements of Death and Black Metal. Formed in 1994 “Sovran” is the bands sixth album and features vocals from Heike Langhans and “Sovran” it is her first appearance for the band after the departure of Lisa Johansson in 2011.

The bands founding member Anders Jakobssons Herculean and menacing growls combine with Langhans luscious voice , you are instantly captivated and impressed.

This really is a beauty and the beast combination and possibly one of the best Doom/ Gothic albums to have come out in many a year.

Opening with “Heavy Lies the Crown” it is a deep mournfully intense number that gears you up for whats to follow with all tracks running over six minutes ,the deep  deathly growls and sombre melodies envelop you.

“The Wretched Tide” continues to take you deep into the chasm of doom with meaning and delivery par excellence ,you are washed away on the  deepest blackest tide it slowly fades away,but leaves an indelible mark on your soul.

“Pale Blue Tortures” opens with strings and an acoustic guitar beginning slowly ,it then breaks into something heavy and menacing yet beautiful.
“Stellar Tombs” is a more up beat song where Heike Langhams vocals lift and transport you to a different plane I really love the combination with the deep growls from Anders Jakobsson throughout this opus  but especially on this song it’s a highlight for me. 
“No Lonelier Star” sees Heikes vocals bewitch you  sending you  soaring high on the doom laden clouds of emotion.
“Dusk Mariner” is the second longest song on here its sluggish mournful delivery it enchants and fascinates .


“Dishearten” swoops and flows with its poetic melancholy vibes.
“Rivers Between Us” features vocalist Daniel Änghede (Crippled Black Phoenix) it’s a different feel to all the other tracks contained here in,it’s a exceptional piece that captures your imagination and fits well on the whole feel of “Sovran” Final song “The Marriage of Attaris” runs just short of nine minutes it’s a deep and uplifting track to finish a masterpiece , a must buy for any one who loves their music filled with raw emotion and a Gothic feel. Its an ideal album for this time of year as night draws in early, sit back light some candles and play this album and dive into its powerful , divine emotions!


Review: Seb Di Gatto Score :10/10


1 Heavy Lies the Crown
2 The Wretched Tide
3 Pale Tortured Blue
4 Stellar Tombs          
5 No Lonelier Star      
6 Dusk Mariner         
7 Dishearten   
8 Rivers Between Us 
9 The Marriage of Attaris   


Anders Jacobsson Vocals
Heike Langhans Vocals
Johan Ericson Guitar
Daniel Arvidsson Guitar
Fredrik Johansson  Bass
Jerry Torstensson Drums
Andreas Karlsson Keyboard

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