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                                                                                                                Dust Bolt  

                                                                                                                   Date: 27 July 2012


MM: Could you give us a brief history about Dust Bolt.
LB: Dust Bolt is a young Thrash Metal band from the south of Germany. The band was found 2006 when we were still very very young kids at school.  We just started playing music together and cover songs until it became serious over the years.  We were very ambitious and we practiced and played live a lot in the past until we recorded our first demo tape in 2009.  Since then we went on tour and played many shows with known bands and now we recorded our debut album Violent Demolition which will be distributed by Napalm Records.

MM: You must be really excited about the forthcoming album release?
LB: Yes we are!! At the moment we're planning and preparing the last stuff for our release this weekend, to which we are really looking forward to!! Can't wait to have Violent Demolition released!!


MM: What would you say were your own personal favourite stand out tracks from your new release? Which ones are you particularly favouring and why?
LB: There's actually no song we haven't played live yet, as far as we were trying each song and how it works live and we were interested on people's reaction to the different songs. But I think Toxic Attack is one of our favourites for playing live! On the record it is very hard to point out one specific song, I think every band member has his own favourite.



MM: How was the tour with Obituary? What were the highlights for you?
LB: The tour was awesome!!  We didn't expect such a good feedback by the crowd!  Every show was just killer and people loved it.  The Obituary guys are unbelievable cool persons and we had a great time with them!  I think the show in Essen was a highlight as far as the venue was great and it is the birth city of Kreator, which means many many Thrash metal fans (-;

MM: Which bands influenced you growing up?
LB: Ooh it's hard to point out certain bands, there are many of course!!  Of course the whole bay area scene and in general mostly the old school Thrash Metal from the Eighties are big influences.  But there are also lots of great new thrash bands coming up these days, that are just great! Especially from the States!

The German Thrash, mostly Kreator, is a very big influence for me personally, too.  I love this band!  And Sepultura is also a big influence, especially as we played many times with them now and they kind of became good friends.  We all love their old albums!

MM: Are there any bands you are listening to now that you would recommend to our readers?
LB: There are too many!!  But all I can say is check out new and young bands and support them!  They are the future of Metal and need every support! That means not only to buy albums of the big ones that already sell thousands of copies, but rather buy an album of a young upcoming band and go to their live shows!  All the famous bands started that way and started playing in small clubs in front of 50 people.


MM: How is the Metal scene in Germany, in particular Thrash Metal?
LB: I think the scene in Germany is great, we have many clubs and good and professional venues,  but also a good underground scene, too!  Especially Bavaria has lots of thrashers which is just great!  I hope more and more kids and people will be infected by thrash metal here in the future, so that Bavaria can become the new bay area ;-)

MM: Are you going to be doing a European / World Tour?
LB: Yeah we're planning to do a European tour at the end of this year! And furthermore we're always playing shows, because playing live is the most important thing for us!  Hopefully we can do it to a tour outside of Europe maybe next year, we'll see – would be great!

MM: What plans do you have for the rest of the year?
LB: We're always thinking in short term goals actually, because that's the only thing that makes sense.  You always have to concentrate on the next step and work as hard as possible for it.  As soon as Violent Demolition is released we want to spread the record all over the world and play as many shows as possible in as many different cities, places and countries as possible!! we want to spread toxic demolition!! ;-)

MM: How would you describe Dust Bolt's music in three words?
LB: Energy Aggression Demolition.

MM: Who would be your ultimate band(s) to tour with or appear with on a festival line-up?
LB: Kreator!

MM: What has been the overall highlight for Dust Bolt so far?
LB: There were many highlights in the recent months and years.. but I think our first tour with six feet under through Europe last year and this years Obituary tour were definitely highlights! Next to our show at Wacken 2011!

MM: Is there any finals messages you would like to say to your fans and readers?
LB: Thanks for reading the interview and keep updated on Dust Bolt and see you on the road!!


Interview by: Seb Di Gatto


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