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                                 The Curse  Mausoleum Records

VoiVoid vocalist / bassist Eric Forest formed E-Force in Canada early in 2001 and  have just released a concept album, which is based around obsession and temptation.  


'The Curse' definitely hits the spot as E-Force deliver a wicked, hard, fast, thrash album, which is hellishly energetic.  The opening is 'Invitation' which draws you into a mixture of electrical ecstasy, then 'Perverse Media' decimates all that’s good with fast, heavy thrashing abandonment, it’s a menacing and foreboding track that starts the journey of 'The Curse'.


This keeps you hooked as 'Witch Wrk' seeks and destroys with heavy riffs, and frantic head-banging, its damn fast and heavy as hell.  As indeed they are 'Awakening'. 


Since this album came into my possession it’s become a regular on my iPod when you get tracks like 'Devoured' that drag you screaming and kicking into the very pits of the devils locker.  The same can be said for 'Your Beloved Hate' with a thudding bass line, and base infernal musicianship.


This album has something about it which will leave you wanting to play it again and again 'Infexxxous' bruises and batters your head in with dazzling riffs, and screams to you to listen, and listen well to all E-Force has to offer.  Then you come to the final track 'The Curse of The Cunt' it is a slower, crushing number that pulverizes your senses, then rams home its spear of venom deep into the heart.  


This album is a cracking anthem of dark and needful things which would fit in well with any horror film and I recommend this album to everyone that likes their music with dark intensity!!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Invitation 2. Perverse Media3. Witch Wrk4. Serpents Kiss5. Awakened6. Psyclone7. Devoured8. Mass Deception9. Your Beloved Hate10. Infexxxous11. The Curse Of The Cunt 

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