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                                                                                                 Retribution  AFM Records

Ektomorf have been knocking around the scene since 1994 and hail from Hungary.  'Retribution' is fourteen colossal tracks of angst, venom and some experimentation with a melodious gentle side on a few of the tracks. The album opens with some ferocious drumming as 'You Can’t Control Me', it’s a brutal opener.  Zoltan Farkas growls and spits the title out.  'Ten Plagues' is totally contagious and spreads into your whole being.  For me the album gets better and better the further in you get into it 'Face your Fear' is totally absorbing, addictive and aggressive and angry.  'Escape' has distorted rhythm and takes you through a journey of delirious riffs. 


The excellently named 'Who The Fuck Are You' with a title like that what can you say? It’s angry, violent, savage and demonic as you would expect.  Robert Jaksas drums explode and are ruthlessly hammered, as the track comes to its end, there’s metal turmoil and chaos of frenetic guitars and drums bring 'Who The Fuck Are You' to its conclusion.  'Numb And Sick' is a clash of growls and clean vocals it’s heavy and has some excellent lyrics and would really work out well as a track to use on your iPod at the gym.  


The band take on a more melodic vent with the opening of 'Lost and Destroyed', then steps up a gear as the song progresses it’s a really strong song and fits comfortably between the bands heavier songs on 'Retribution'.   'Souls Of Fire' has a symphonic feel and then crashes into the world with heavy abandonment.  I found the guitar playing quite mesmeric as the song builds.  Chugging Chugging guitars and guitars are made to howl and scream on the excellent 'I Hate You', the lyrics are bitter, cynical and vengeful.  Hell… 'Watch Me' will have you hooked straight away, it’s not for the faint hearted this is a harsh and fierce song that will be a favourite live I would imagine. 


There’s no let up as the speedy 'Mass Ignorance' pummels your ears. Then there is a tiny bit of a respite as the chilled out 'Save Me' floats into the room, but it’s not all calm there’s some paint stripping vocals interspersed with the lighter tones. Penultimate track 'Whisper' is the longest song on here and has to be my favourite.  It has all different techniques though out it and really makes an already stunning album form these Hungarians shine.   

Final song 'Collapsed Bridge' is a pleasing and surprising track it’s really not what you would expect, it’s a truly wonderful and beautiful finish to a top album. 


I really, really enjoyed this album at first I thought oh not another growly band, starting to get a bit bored of these bands to be honest, there is so many bands trying the growls but then you get a band like Ektomorf, they have mastered it here and I take my hat off to them! This album mixes it all up to great effect, 'Retribution' is very highly recommended.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. You Can't Control Me 2. Ten Plagues3. Face Your Fear4. Escape5. Who The Fuck Are You6. Numb And Sick7. Lost And Destroyed8. Souls Of Fire9. I Hate You10. Watch Me11. Mass Ignorance12. Save Me13. Whisper


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