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                                                                                                            EL PISTOLERO Interview 18/12/20

MM: "Mexican Standoff" is a purebred hard-rocking ear gasm ... fair

Ans:Mexican Standoff is a purebred hard-rocking WET eargasm with a lot of
Sticky Fingers

 MM: How does the songwriting process work in the band is it down to one
person or a team effort

Ans: One, mostly J.C. until now, has a riff, introduce it to the band, sometimes
with song structure and lyrics, and then the ideas of all flow in. It's a
familiar, homogeneous process.

MM: If I was totally new to your band El Pistolero which two-track
would you play to me to introduce me to your band?

Ans: Desert Road & Sticky Fingers

 MM: What made you decide to go down the Heavy Metal and do you have any
other musical interests

Ans: We have all been shaped for years or in the case of Willy and me for
decades by bands like Motörhead, Airbourne, Rose Tattoo, Guns'n Roses
and of course AC / DC (Bon Scott era). That's why we name it
Hard Heavy  which describes our style the best
instead of Heavy Metal.
I for myself listen to almost all styles, although Tecno or folk music is
not my favorites ... it has to groove!


MM: How has COVID affected the Band and yourself personally and what
effect do you see it having on the music industry going forward

Ans: Since we planned the album this year, it was no drama for us to have time.
But we're a live band, we're addicted to making good, dirty, and loud rock
music together on stage.
It will recover ... at the moment it is very dramatic for many and is
partly about to exist. As with every crisis, the industry will shake up and
new, good ideas will sprout. We are very confident.
AND: do you seriously believe that such a fucking virus can harm RocknRoll?

MM: Do you have  plans for the new year tour and festival wise

Ans: Yes, hopefully, we can celebrate our Release Party on Feb 20th, a day after
our Album-Release with CD and Vinyl.
From April on we have some very good shows in Oberhausen, Dessau, Weinheim
and Mannheim.
For autumn/winter 2021/2022 we are just about to fix a Tour, news to

MM: What do you like best and worst about touring.

Ans: The great thing about touring is to be with the guys 24/7, to party with
cool people in the evening, and to feel the spirit of rock'n'roll together.
Since the worst thing about touring is that every tour has an end :-)

MM: What can we expect from you guys live?

Ans: Honest, dirty, hard, and authentic rock'n'roll from 5 bullets, who rip their
asses off for their fans

MM: How do you prepare before a performance and do you get nervous.

Ans:20 minutes before a show I always look for a bit of rest, hum my voice a
little, and count the seconds until it finally starts. I am very little
nervous myself, I tend to scrape my hooves to get out

MM: How do you rate the importance of being seen live and meeting fans
whenever possible?

Ans: Only that is the soul of rock'n'roll! No CD, no LP can give us all that we
need: the feeling of loud live music

MM: Which three Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies

Ans:Airbourne, Rose Tattoo and AC/DC(so that we could step in at short notice,
at that age you never know)


 MM: What is the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your
own)and why?

Ans:Uh, thats not easy, because so many Concerts touched me in
different ways. Metallica last summer in Berlin ist very, very memorable,
because it was the first Metallica Show for my wife and we loved the
atmosphere at the Olympia Stadium. I am not the biggest
Metallica fan, but everything around was fucking great.
For me personally, the Gary Moore open Air 1990 Monsters of
Rock takes place as a very defining moment (the parts I remember
clearly :-) )

MM: You are stuck in quarantine for a year which musician dead or alive
would you have with you?

Ans: Lemmy, but I am afraid that the quarantine would not save our lives :-)

 MM:  One of your songs from the "Mexican Standoff" could appear on a
soundtrack or any film or cult tv series would you choose and why.

Ans: Machine Gun Preacher! In 2014 the Hollywood Movie “Machine Gun
Preacher  has been released with Gerard Butler as “Sam Childers
(Name of Machine Gun Preacher).
Intro/outro and beginning of every Chorus Line is the original Voice of

MM: Tell me why we should check out "Mexican Standoff"

Ans: minutes full steam with 5 fucking fast dirty bastards, you feel like you
are on an unrestrained Hard'n'Heavy steam locomotive that is cheering
through death valley.
You wanna miss that?

MM: Four Words to describe El Pistolero

Ans: Fast, Dirty, Hard, Loud!

1.Festival or Small Intimate Gig

Ans : Sommer festival, Winter SI Gig

2.Vinyl or Digital
Ans: Vinyl
3.Bratwurst or Beer
Ans:Liquor & Tits
4.Accept or Rammstein
5. Mexican standoff or Duel to the death with a German sausage
Ans: Mexican Standoff!

Final Words

Many thanks to "Metal Gods" for your support and interest in what we do!
Stay healthy and don't forget to listen to decent, loud music! Check our
Artist pages on Spotify / Facebook etc.
But above all, move your asses and come to our shows so that we can tear
down the theater together as soon as we can all do that again!
A rocking Christmas season and a good start to 2021! Cheers! Alex


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