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                                                                                               Title: Until the End      

                                                                                               Label:Black Lodge

                                                                                               Release Date:23rd February 2018

Daily we get lots of new Promos through but When “Until the End” came it really  intrigued us , so  we put it on straight away and as soon as the needle hit the groove we became transfixed to this alluring, tantalising Album.


Opening with the bombastic “Story Untold” it’s a prolific start straight away with Madeleine’s delicious Vocals drawing you in as the occasional growling Vocals from Guitarist Rikard Ekberg give this opener a statement of powerful and extraordinary things to come.

Madeleine "Eleine" Liljestam with Ekberg make one hell of a team with outstanding Vocals and growls thrown into the mix  with the breath-taking musicianship of David Eriksson pounding the skins while Andreas Mårtensson on Bass tones vibrate around the room and Sebastian Berglund orchestral manoeuvres on Keyboards make this Band one of the strongest new Symphonic Bands on the scene in many a year.


Second track  “Echoes” is massive with its tremendous delivery that just explodes from your speakers as the track fully unfolds, then the insanely addictive “Sanity” takes you on a helter skelter ride of emotions as Ekberg’s growls takes the song into a new level of lucidity, it’s a favourite on here it’s got everything any fan of this music could ever wish for.  “From the Grave” like the previous track is a tribute to the intense and beguiling lyrics and musician ship these guys produce this evocative piece moves you with its soul stirring delivery.


 “Whisper my Child” mixes in a choral background with Madeleines unmistakable tones with a thumping rhythm section combined with soaring keyboards and guitars you continue to be transfixed. The title track “Until the End “follows with its eastern resonance leading into the heart-breaking “Please” a beautiful piece for those you have suffered and continue to suffer in life it’s a song of huge meaning to myself and words can’t really describe how I feel about divine this song.


The pace changes as “Another Rite” followed by “Hell Moon” (We Shall Never Die) take a hold with all their symphonic mastery and telling lyrics seducing you with their mesmerizing sound.

Final track “Break Take Live” has an almost hypnotic resonance as you listen and appreciate the bands message about not living life to the fullest and how some people are mindless sheep, it’s a stellar end to a fabulous release.


For many years I had no interest in Symphonic Metal but after many trips to mainland Europe’s festivals I have become seduced by this genre of Metal and cannot recommend this Album enough its confident seductive themes will course through your veins, “Until the End” is a must buy for 2018, a year that will see these Swedes hit even greater heights I am sure! 


Review: Seb Di Gatto      Reviewed:15/02/18    Score:9.5/ 10


Track Listing:                    Facebook         Website

1.Story Untold



4.From The Grave

5.Whisper My Child

6.Until The End


8. Another Rite

9.Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die)

10.Prelude: Arise

11.Break Take Live



Band Line up:

Madeleine "Eleine" Liljestam - Vocal

Rikard Ekberg - Guitar ,vocal

David Eriksson - Drums

Andreas Mårtensson -

BassSebastian Berglund - Keyboard




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