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                                                                                     Emil Bulls

                                                                     Sacrifice To Venus AFM Records

Emil Bulls are not a band I know a lot about,I didn’t realise they have released seven previous albums  “Sacrifice to Venus” being their eighth. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect and the band themselves proclaim they are “too versatile to be classified” which is a statement I wholly agree with after listening to this opus.


The band are probably best known for their cover of A-Ha’s “Take On Me” and “Smells like Rock N Roll”, and fell off this reviewers radar so I am pleased to see they are still about, and to be in possession of their new work. The band was   formed back in 1995 by vocalist Christoph von Freydorf in Munich,they have in their ranks original guitarist Stephan Karl and bassist James Richardson with second guitarist Andreas Bock and an unnamed drummer in the press release.


Opening with the heavy and cracking “The Grave” this band mean business, its hard core , with Van Freydorf screaming “The Grave” and melodic back ground vocals, it’s a fantastic opener, vicious yet melodic and instantly likeable. Personally I am a bit sick of the scream, and bored with growling vocals but with these opening tracks and indeed throughout, they are onto a winner and it works really well. 


Then the drums are given a good workout as you are drawn into the single “Heart Eater”  with clear vocals this is  another song that gets into your head and will have you bopping along in no time , there’s a scintillating guitar solo that makes your hair stand on end and cuts like a spinning razor into your consciousness.   


Then there’s the fun packed and instant hit “Pants Down” who the fuck says the Germans haven’t got a sense of humour!! This is funny and cool,  in fact( not that it’s my scene at all) it would be a major hit in Ibiza!! Seriously it’s funny, adorably funny! Ok now this is a totally different tempo as “I  Wanna  Feel You” shows Emil’s different range and style kind of reminding me of indie bands like the Killers! I Am serious! its radio friendly and poppy ,not my cup of tea really but it’s a nice song and shows their  versatility.


They aint kidding when they say they are too “versatile to be classified “!! Again the tone changes with “Rainbows and Butterflies” its catchy and with  the title track “Sacrifice to Venus” goes down the Linkin Park route but for me these Teutonic terrors do it better!

Then there’s some punk angst with the excellent “Man or Mouse” this will have you bouncing round the room and denting the walls!  Nearly pulling in at seven minutes the final track “Behind the Sun” is a spaced out number it drifts and rolls over you, simply different and excellent! So to sum up “Sacrifice to Venus” Is alternative, Nu- metal, hard rocking touching on many different spectrums of the Heavy Metal genres.  Which to be fair and honest works really, really well and it’s an album I will return to again and again.


Review Seb Di Gatto



1.The Grave
2. Hearteater
3. Pants Down
4. I Wanna Feel You
5. Rainbows and Butterflies
6. The Way of the Warrior
7. The Reckoning
8. The Age of Revolution
9. Sacrifice to Venus
10. Gone Baby Gone
11. Man Or Mouse
12. Keep On Dreaming
13. Behind the Sun

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