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                                                                               Death By Fire  Nuclear Blast Records


Swedish old school metallers Enforcers third album 'Death By Fire' is nine tracks of  head snapping, kicking and screaming metal that will not only impress, but may possibly be one of your favourite albums  of 2013.  From the atmospheric opening of 'Bells of Hades', you are then plunged into an old school Metal Meltdown with 'Death Rides This Night'. 

This smells and tastes of early Metallica and will have you needing to see a chiropractor, heavy riffs abound it is fast, and would not be out of place on Metallica’s 'Kill Em All'.  


In fact same can be said for most of the tracks on here, 'Run for Your Life' has cracking solos and continues to pound and batter your senses, as does 'Mesmerized By Fire'.  This is catchy and enjoyable, but the piece de resistance has to be 'Take Me Out of This Nightmare', Olof Wikstrand's vocals are truly impressive as he stretches his voice and the chorus will stay in your head.  It's instantly likeable and kicking guitar riffs abound.  


Next we are delivered into an impressive instrumental piece with 'Crystal Suite'. 

'Sacrificed' opens slowly then cranks it up an into a speedy marathon of impressive tune age, riffs and death defying solos are the name of the game again and the same can be said for the penultimate track 'Silent Hour/The Conjugation'. 

Running at nearly seven minutes this showcases the bands incredible musicianship and with 'Take Me out of this Nightmare' is my favourite track on here. 


'Satan' is the final track and is devilishly good and finishes of a great album.  'Death by Fire' is only 35 minutes long, but this is how old school metal used to be and having played many festivals and won over a lot of fans, you cannot fail but to be impressed.  There are a lot of bands going for the old school sound about at the moment, but Enforcer bring something better and more professional to the table with solos and riffs to please the traditional metal aficionados these guys even look old school!  Check out this album and then see the band and get down the front and strain your neck to Enforcer!!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Bells Of Hades2. Death Rides This Night3. Run For Your Life4. Mesmerized By Fire5. Take Me Out Of This Nightmare6. Crystal Suite7. Sacrificed8. Silent Hour / The Conjugation9. Satan

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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