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                                                                                                                 Title: Abandon All Hope

                                                                                                                 Label: Gain/ Sony

                                                                                                                 Release Date: 11th May 2018

Sweden’s favourite alternative Metal Band return with their fifth Album, and what is there to say?  Apart from I personally think this is the Bands Best release to date as you fall into Engels world and “Abandon All Hope” on this eleven-track monster.

Opening with “The Darkest Void” the electronic tones emanate from your speakers as the music builds up into a fist pumping crescendo as Mikael Sehlins amazing Vocals grab a hold of you, this is a huge opener to an immense release with its industrial Metal verve washing into in the room, you will be transfixed and brutalized and addicted in no time to this the latest work of art from these Gothenburg aficionados.


Everything about this platter is as  sharp as  needle that pumps its musical venom into your veins as Engel flows and drives your heart into a full on obsessive opus, that you cannot go a few hours let alone a day without listening to “As The Legacy of Nothing” and the superlative “Book of Lies” pounds and bursts your blood vessels as the rhythm section of Steve Drennan on Bass and Oscar Nilsson Drums annihilates your mind, body and Metal essence.

“As I Fall” has huge symphonic properties as you continue to fall in love with this momentous killer, that leads into the bombastic and mind blowing “Buried” the intensity from Sehlin sends shivers up and down your spine as the Guitars from Marcus Sunesson and Nicals Engelin leave you gasping for air from their killer deliverance.


“Untouchable” is an unstoppable force of Metal delight as you bang your head and praise all things Engel. There is no respite as “Death Reversed” smashes and bashes you.

What can I say about the totally transcendent next track it’s a fucking gigantic song that I can’t get enough off, its one I would recommend to have on repeat at the gym, running in the wilds, or even making love too, its different tones and addictive vibes screech into you as the guitars rock and steal your soul as you journey into “Across the abyss”.

“Gallows Tree” has recently been released as has “The Condemned” so if you aint familiar with these two songs yet get ya ass to you tube and check out these killer tunes.

 Title track “Abandon all hope” is a massive, rollicking kick in the teeth and like all the tracks on here, will be massive live as will be the final song “The Condemned”.


 What we have here is a mixture of dark, deep, death defying Metal to please the demons of the night and have Metal and Industrial themed dance floors the world over packed.

Basically, this is exceptional and one I have not stopped listening to, it’s a phenomenal release and a firm favourite at The Metal Gods Meltdown!!


Reviewed By: Seb Di Gatto                Score:10/10

Reviewed: 6/04/18


Track Listing:                                       Facebook                                            

1. The Darkest Void

2. The Legacy of Nothing                    Website

3. Book of Lies

4. As I Fall

5. Buried

6. Untouchable

7. Death Reversed

8. Across the Abyss

9. Gallows Tree

10. Abandon All Hope

11. The Condemned


Band Line up:

Mikael Sehlin - Vocals

Marcus Sunesson - Guitar

Steve Drennan - Bass

Oscar Nilsson – Drums

Niclas Engelin - Music Director & Guitar



The Metal Gods Meltdown

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