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                                                                                                              Ereb Altor   

                                                                                                              Date: 25 May 2012   

MM: Could you give us a brief history about yourselves?
Ereb Altor was born in 2003 when we recorded a couple of old songs dating back to 1991, a couple of songs that we felt were too good to be forgotten.  The response of that demo “The Awakening” was positive and suddenly we stood there with a couple of labels wanting to sign Ereb Altor.

The debut “By Honour” was released by “I Hate Records”  and it’s a totally Bathory Viking era worship, like a tribute to Quorthon or something like that.  Then we got signed by Napalm Records and the follow up to “The End” was released, a slightly faster album but still kind of doomy.  3rd album “Gastrike” will come out this summer and the approach in this album will be a bit different compared to the previous albums.

MM: The name Ereb Altor ... What does it mean ?
It’s the name of a world in an old fantasy role playing game from the 1980´s … kinda like dungeons and dragons.  Our first intention was to write fantasy lyrics but the lyrical theme changed but we didn’t want to change our name.

MM: Which bands or artists inspired you to first pick up an instrument?
Dave Murray in Iron Maiden, I was a huge Maiden freak when I grew up … still am

MM: Did you guys record the album yourselves? How about the mixing and mastering?
Jonas Lindström recorded the album in Studio Apocalypse, Mr Lindström is also responsible for the mixing and the mastering is done by Thomas “Plec” Johansson at Panic Room.

MM: Where do you get the inspiration for the lyrics?
The lyrics of Ereb Altor is always connected to our inheritance and our country.  The new album “Gastrike” is completely inspired by old myths, legends and ghost stories from the county we come from.
MM: Do you listen to other Viking /folk metal bands, which ones?
I worship Bathory’s epic albums!!!


MM: How would you describe your sound?
Since the idea from the beginning was to pay tribute to Quorthon the sound has some similarities with Bathory.  But I still think we have built our own sound more and more.  The new album is almost as epic as our previous albums but with a black metal sound.  We have always used a lot of choirs to set the right atmosphere to our sound.  I want to build images of a cold landscape with snow, big mountains, lakes or dark forests.

MM: Which bands do you enjoy listening to the most?
Right now it’s mostly Opeth, I also enjoy listening to Maiden, Landberk, Muse and Bathory of course.

MM: Are you due to play any more festivals?
We will play as many festivals as we can, I can’t reveal anything for the time being.

MM: If you could share the stage with any band who would that be?
Live or dead? Dead it would be Bathory of course but otherwise I would probably say … MAIDEN … then it would probably be crowded … hehehe …

MM: What does the future hold for Ereb Altor?
We’ll try to get some decent gigs, festivals mainly but perhaps some club shows … And I have some ideas already what the next step for Ereb Altor will be musically.

MM: Any closing words for your fans and our readers?
Hope we will have the opportunity to visit UK this year to show our best on stage and keep yourself updated on Ereb Altor’s official facebook page.

MM: Thanks for your time.

Interview by: Seb Di Gatto


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