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                                                                                                         Eva Bartok
                                                                                                         Title: Eva Bartok

                                                                                                         Label: Self Release

                                                                                                         Release: 23 August 2019

Psychotic insanity abounds as Eva Bartok release their Debut EP a ten minute oblivious ride into pandemonium that head butts you in the face as “Lies and Trickery” smashes into you like a tidal wave that sweeps you along into a Tsunami of hellish riffs and biting Vocals. But that’s nothing as the funky monkey opening sees “Chess Club” enter, its intense and powerful,this delivers the goods with resounding uncompromising pugnacious venom, fuck this crawls into you head and won’t leave for hours even days! “Mexico” has more nastiness than a pissed of rattlesnake after a bad bowl of fiery chilli, this is a maniacal, furious number.

This audacious four track platter continues to surprise and amaze as the Deranged and simply damn humongous “House” tears and rips your heart out and stamps on it!!  Love it! Now if you ever watch the News and end up sitting and shouting at it, put on this EP bounce and thrash around the room and Kung Foo kick that Tele!! I am telling you Post Punk aint ever sounded so good these guys from South Wales mix up Punk, Metal, Hardcore into a bowl of Satan’s piss and come up with a seriously dangerous wicked brew!

Make sure you keep an eye out for Eva Bartok these guys have the hostility and attitude to go far and scare the hell outta your everyday mainstream pretentious music bods!   


NB:The band's name is taken from Hungarian-British actress Eva Bartok (real name Éva Márta Szőke Ivanovics) who starred in the innovative Italian giallo film 'Blood and Black Lace', which served as an inspiration for legions of contemporary film makers from Dargio Argento to Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino.


Review: Seb Di Gatto              Score:5/5        Facebook

Reviewed: 20/08/19


Track Listing:

1.Lies and Trickery

2.Chess Club




Band Lineup:

Vocals and Guitar - Chris Hampson
Bass and Vocals - Rob Pascoe
Drums - Mikey Brown



The Metal Gods Meltdown

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