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                                                                                                       EverSin Interview


All answers by Ignazio Nicastro (bass guitar).


MM:Its great to chat to you today how much are you looking forward to playing The Metal over Malta Festival IV in March?


Well, we all know Malta is a very “hot” place for Metal, there is a very good scene and all the bands who play in the country are always very satisfied of the audience, so I can actually say we are very excited to hit the stage of the fest.


MM: What can we expect from Eversin  Live?


We are a very physical band, we use to enter the stage and attack the audience the best we can, our music is very aggressive and we like to be one with it. We’ll take no prisoners.


MM: Have you ever been to Malta before ? there seems to be a good  Metal scene  on the island!  Will you have time to venture around the island or will it be a flying visit.


We know about the Maltese Metal scene, many people talk about in a very enthusiastic way. For us is the very first time in Malta and we’ll do our best to leave our mark on the mind of maltese metalheads. We will play the first day of the fest, so we hope to have the chance to stay the following day to visit some nice place, meet the  awesome girls   and see the others bands of the fest.



MM: The line up is awesome who are you most looking forward to seeing play?


Well, I do not know most of the bands so for me will be very interesting to find out some good new act. The only I know is Moonsorrow and some tune by Ereb Altor, but to be honest I’m not into Folk Metal, it’s not my “cup of tea”.



MM: Which two tracks would you play me to introduce me to Eversin?


This is a very hard question to answer ‘cause you are asking me to choose between my children…Well, I could say “Chaosborn” and “Trinity” but tomorrow I could change idea and say “Tears on the Face of God” or “We will Prevail”…


MM: What would you say has been the bands biggest achievement to date?


Since we started to hit big festivals we had a lot of good times and big achievements.

If I have to choose I’d say that the first one was in 2014 when we played for the first time at Rock Off fest in Istanbul in front of 6k crazy Turkish metalheads. The second was in 2016 at RockAvaria, when we played with Iron Maiden, Slayer and many others. I remember we were scheduled just before Anthrax in the late afternoon, it was an incredible experience.

Honestly, I remember any of our shows with great pleasure, from the gigs with Destruction to the ones with Death Angel and Exodus, the Chania Fest and the Agglutination. I will for sure remember with pleasure Metal Over Malta and all your people.


MM:Plans for the rest of 2018.


In the middle of June our new album will be out, and will be the heaviest album we ever made, Post Thrash Metal at his best. Try to imagine Slayer jamming with Candlemass and you’ll have a little idea of what it will be. We have been already confirmed for 3-4 big summer festivals, but at the moment I cannot say more.



MM: If you could choose 5 artists dead or alive to form a super group who would it be?

Tom Araya

Dave Mustaine

Jeff Waters

Steve Di Giorgio

Dave Lombardo


Maybe this super band would not last 5 minutes…ahahahah. 


MM: Which two Thrash Albums would you play me to introduce me to Thrash metal?


“Reign in Blood” and “Master of Puppets”. The first is the perfect Thrash Metal album, the second is the perfect Metal album.


MM:What was the most memorable concert you ever attended to date


Iron Maiden in 1993 and Slayer in 1995 for the Divine Intourvention. Then King Diamond, Testament, Megadeth, Metallica…But the first two are carved in my mind.


MM:Best and worst things about being in a Band in 2018.


Best: playing on stage and meeting lot of girls.

Worst: playing on stage and meeting lot of girls (sooner or later it fucks your mind J).


MM:How is the Rock /Metal Scene in Italy?


Next question please…


MM: Four Words to describe Eversin.


THRASH, devastating, true and ingenious.


MM: Quick Fire Round  

1.Festival or Small intimate gig




2.Vinyl or Digital 


Digital, vinyl is for hippies, ahahaha.


3. Beer  or  Pizza


Hey man c’mon…BEER.


4.Juventus or Newcastle Utd


Juventus for ever.


5. Stage Dive or stand in corner drinking a Peroni.


In a corner drinking a beer (not a Peroni).

MM:Thank you for your time, any final words for your fans ad our readers?


Thanks to you Seb.

EVERSIN will blow your mind away and destroy the fucking stage. See you soon.





The Metal Gods Meltdown

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