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                                                                           Hymns For The Broken        AFM Records     

Formed in 1995 Evergrey have been around the block a few times, in recent years they have experienced  some major difficulties, and band leader Tom Englund nearly called  it a day.

But rather than going over the old history, which has obviously been seen, and read about a hundred times over!  I want to look to the present , and  what is a settled, creative  unit and be thankful that  Evergrey are still with us, delivering their unique style of absorbing Metal.


The guys from Gothenburg are due to release their ninth album soon, and what you get on “Hymns for the Broken” is heartfelt, powerful and dramatic,  with intense lyrics which are deep, passionate, and meaningful.

Opening with a short prelude of tortured souls and a softly spoken piece we are then taken into “King of Errors” this is the first single of the album and one of the best tracks on here, it’s heavy, melodic and is Evergrey at their best, the video is worth checking out as well it’s brilliant. “A New Dawn” opens in dramatic style with synthesizers which in a live setting would chill you to the bone, and has a stunning guitar solo.


The whole album is based around perseverance, hurt and battling against life’s difficulties as the album progress  on a couple of tracks, there are choral pieces like the  title track   “Hymns for the Broken” and “The Fire” which are uplifting in themselves, yet set against dark and deep lyrics.  As you come out of the title track “I Miss You” opens into a somber heart wrenching song which is quite sublime , incredibly moving and passionate .  

For me personally  I would say Evergrey are the best Progressive/Symphonic Metal act around and I am so glad they are still here , this album isn’t as heavy as their previous work but don’t let that put you off it’s a Metal heads delight. 


Review: Seb Di Gatto                  Evergrey Interview Here



1.The Awakening

2. King of Error

3. A New Dawn 

4. Wake A Change
5. Archaic Rage
6. Barricades
7. Black Undertow
8. The Fire
9. Hymns For The Broken
10. Missing You
11. The Grand Collapse
12. The Aftermath






The Metal Gods Meltdown

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