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                                                         Five Serpent's Teeth  Earache Records

I waited with bated breath for the first spin of the long awaited new album from Evile … what can I say ... the albums a masterpiece.

I don’t think my speakers will ever be the same again, this album is a must, this band has greatness written all over it and surely the next step up to the big league cannot be far away  I don’t think there’s a filler on the whole album, this is a Total Brutal Masterpiece!


The Intro gave me goosebumps with the anticipation, then it's straight into the title track 'Five Serpent's Teeth'.  I can see this song becoming an immediate favourite.  The riffage in the middle of the song is out of this world and just makes you want to play it again and again ... which I did, very loudly ... probably to the annoyance of the neighbours!


'In Dreams of Terror' is up next and what a track, brilliant lyrics intertwining mesmerizing guitar playing, another track you can not fault, which brings me on to 'Cult'.  I first heard this on Terroriser magazines’ free CD ... and it went straight on to my ipod and will never leave!   You may of already guessed this is my stand-out track on the album.


'Eternal Empire' comes at you full steam ahead! A mosh-pit frenzy is the best way to describe this track!  Slows down to let you catch your breath then here we go again ... Excellent.


Huddersfield’s finest sons continue with 'Xaraya' … some of the finest Thrash melodies you are likely to hear this side of Valhalla, which brings me on to track six 'Origin of Oblivion'.  For some reason it reminded me of 'Exodus'.  Nothing wrong with that I hear you say, well 'Origin of Oblivion' is a damn impressive track.  'Centurion' rips your face off, then it slows down to 'In Memoriam', a tribute to Mike Alexander and what a stunning tribute it is. An awesome spine tingling track which I am sure Mike would have been proud of and Evile will be, of that I am sure.


'Descent Into Madness' rampages out of my speakers, taking no prisoners and then on to the penultimate track, 'Long Live New Flesh' which is a brutal ending to one of the best Thrash Albums in a very, very long time.


I for one can't wait to see these guys live.  I think they should just play the whole album as it’s out of this world!


I also think the big four had better watch out, Evile are a stunning, hard working band ... world domination beckons!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Five Serpent's Teeth
2. In Dreams Of Terror
3. Cult
4. Eternal Empire
5. Xaraya
6. Origin Of Oblivion
7. Centurion
8. In Memoriam
9. Descent Into Madness
10. Long Live New Flesh

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