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                                                                                              EVILE Interview  28/06/21

MM: - You have been getting rave reviews for the new album, how are you feeling being part of this Iconic band and having been involved in this latest face melting Evile release "Hell Unleashed"

I have been a fan of Evile for many years, so to be a part of the band and the process now is fantastic. And I completely agree it is face melting!!


MM: Do you have a personal favourite track on the Album

I love all of the tracks on Hell Unleashed, but if I had to pick one, I would probably pick The Thing (1982), It is an absolute beast of a song and I can’t wait to start playing it live!

MM : What are your feelings on mosh-pits, ever returning after these crazy fucked up covid days?


As in hygienically? I don’t think they are particularly hygienic hahah but there is a lot more unhygienic things that people do and will be doing when restrictions are lifted so hopefully we will get to the point where mosh-pits are a common site. I think it will be hard for some of the fans to resist as it is a big part of a thrash show. I just hope it can all be done safely.


MM:I really love Evile's artwork, have any of your guys got them as tattoos?

I love the Evile artwork too! but I’m pretty sure none of us have any Evile tattoos


MM: What tours have you got lined up for the rest of the year or are you waiting for Boris road map to come to fruition before committing to any shows etc.

We just have a few festival appearances later this year. We are doing Bloodstock which we are all really looking forward to and we have some cool things planned for early next year but obviously right now, we are just waiting to see how everything is going pandemic wise.  


MM: What do you think has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

For me obviously being asked to join Evile was a big a achievement but I hope that this is just the start of bigger things to come once we are allowed to get touring.


MM: Do you have plans to do a live stream on release day

We do! On Friday April 30th the band will be LIVE on OL’s Twitch stream listening through Hell Unleashed, discussing the album, and taking questions. Be there 9pm BST!


MM: What are your views on the current metal scene?

I think that the metal scene as a whole is quite broad and I don’t think I even know what the entire metal scene looks like, but what I can say is, that I’m pretty excited and optimistic about the thrash metal scene right now, the bands that are doing it right are killing it! 


MM: For you personally what Bands influenced you the most

The bands that have influenced me the most are probably bands like, Megadeth, Machine head, Lost Society, Testament.


MM: If you were stuck in quarantine for a year with any musician alive or dead who would you have with you.

OL would be good as we could write some killer new Evile hahaha


MM: Finish this sentence for me “Everybody needs Evile in their lives because

Hell is being unleashed you need to be a part of it!” 

Quick fire round

1.Festival or small intimate gig

I haven’t played a large festival yet, but I have done plenty of small intimate shows. So if it’s what I want to play next, it’s definitely a festival!

2.Metallica or Megadeth

Megadeth FOREVER! But I love Metallica too!

3.Fish and chips or Beer 

Fish and chips!

4.Death Metal or classic metal

Honestly, it is split 50/50

5.Mask or no Mask 

Mask until the law tells us otherwise.

MM: Any final words for your fans and our viewers/ listeners

I just want to say a massive thank you to the fans for the warm welcome I have received since joining Evile. I can’t wait to see you all at a live show soon! 

Thanks for your time

Thank you!


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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