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                                                                                                     The Shadow Archetype      

                                                                                                     Label: Metal Blade

                                                                                                     Release Date:10th March 2017

A Band  many thought were dead and buried return to mess with your head and  mutilate your neck muscles,  they are  of course Sweden's finest Death Metallers Evocation... .   The "Shadow Archetype" opens with the creepy and disturbing "Into The Ruins"  deathly tones emanate   transporting you into the darkest night ,the intro sets you up nicely for "Condemned To The Grave" its heavy , addictive opening draws you into the graveyard then Thomas Josefsson  growling  Vocals will have you punching the air in devilish delight as you sing the chorus showing your horns to the skies , this is  probably the  most accessible   and radio friendly song on the album scratching at your skin and digging deep into your being. Next is one of my  favourites , and one I keep returning to  "Modus Operandi" the Guitars from   Marko Palmen, and Simon Exner   fused  with the rhythm section of Gustaf Jorde Bass and Per Møller Jensen Drums make this fully addictive and captivating as the deathly growls from  Thomas Josefsson   punch hard into your cerebral cortex.. Then "Children of Stone" is let loose in the room ,this is head bangingly magnificent as the Band work their magic and you strain your neck muscles and jump into the pit of Metal euphoria.  There is no let up as "The Coroner"  annihilates your brain cells with its ferocious almost Industrial vibes it is full of speeding Drums , grinding Guitars ! this is Hellishly heavy and another I keep returning to.  


Next we get the huge pulsating  smashed face brutality of the title track "The Shadow Archetype" a Dark , Melodic ,Dynamic piece that will have you completely transfixed as Evocation unleash their magical powers upon you.


"Blind Obedience" gives your head and neck a  slight reprieve as the atmospheric acoustics wash over you softly  soothing, the small  spoken bit  at the start  will have  you wondering and asking questions. 

"Survival of The Sickest" is just short of  three minutes of mosh pitted insanity its ferocity and violence will slam you   into the pits of this  Death Metal summoning! "Sulphur and Blood"  burns into your consciousness in a delirium of Old School Metal hooks and riffs , this is  one to appease the older Metal head for sure. "Imperium Fall" smashes into the room with a vitriolic intensity of huge proportions that leads on nicely to the final track "Dark Day Sunrise"its a full on culmination of killer riffs and killer intensity to bring this opus to a magnificent close.  

I admit to not being a  aficionado  of all things Death Metal but "The Shadow Archetype" is astounding, mind blowing , and  addictive ,this is  one I will return to often!! 



Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:9.8/10

Reviewed: 1.03.17



1. Into Ruins

2. Condemned To The Grave

3. Modus Operandi

4. Children Of Stone

5. The Coroner

6. The Shadow Archetype

7. Blind Obedience

8. Survival Of The Sickest

9. Sulphur And Blood

10. Imperium Fall

11. Dark Day Sunrise




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