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                                                                                                            Title: DISClose

                                                                                                            Label: DTM Productions

                                                                                                            Release Date: 23rd February 2019

The world of Metal music often throws up a surprise and the new Ewigkeit Album is one of them, this work of art is fascinating, enjoyable as well as being subjectively compelling.

DISclose” is the eighth release from this ever-changing project by multi-instrumentalist James Fogarty. The theme of this release is inspired by the growing movement of Ufology and official confirmations and disclosures of an alien presence visiting or skies.


Opening with “1947” we are taken to Roswell as the beautiful gloomy aura of instrumentation and ideas flow the Vocals range from deep and doomy vibes to Black Metal it’s a captivating start as it captures your imagination and has you fully engrossed as you want to believe the stories told about this famous incident back in the late forties. The emotional somber energy on title track “DISclosure” mixed with the rich Clean Vocals and deathly growls that follow are simply outstanding and immerse you even more into this platter. “Oppenheimers Lament” has an atmosphere of melancholy, I love the way history is brought back to life as this song flows and the elements of sludge and doom which would not of been out of place of any Paradise Lost Album, I think this is my favorite track on here, I just love the way it delves deep into your conscience, its somber energy appeals and captivates one.


“Guardians of the high frontier” lightens the tone up a bit, while the Vocals still maintain a dark appeal. On “Resonance” the growls curdle your blood! Love the way this song scares my Cats !! But seriously the shifting elements of structure and style is immense. On the next track” KRLLL” The Blackened Metal delivery thunders into the world’s atmosphere its thunderous Bass and Drums shake and scorch the earth. Final track “Moon Monolith” takes you on a remarkable journey as this monster track weaves its magic.

You will find “DISclose” has a variety of sounds and tempos to keep you intrigued throughout as you continue this phenomenal journey of conspiracy and subterfuge.


This one-man project is a mind-blowing remarkable work from such a talented artist whose other work has included In The Woods, Old Forest Jalaboath and others, I would recommend “DISclose” especially on those dark winter nights, it really will make you look to the skies in wonderment!


NB: A special mention must go to cover artitst Lenny Bridgeman as well, simply stunning work!


Review: Seb Di Gatto            Score: 9/10



Track listing:



3.Oppenheimers Lament

4.Guardians of the high frontier



7.Moon Monolith


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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