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                                                                                                                  EX DEO

                                                                                                       The Immortal Wars

                                                                                                       Napalm Records

                                                                                                       Release Date :24th February 2017

 Ex Deo return to educate , exhilarate and astound you with their third Album "The Immortal Wars" featuring Kataklysms front man Maurizio Iacono. This time we are drawn  to the Punic Wars a series of three wars of bloodthirsty vengeance and destruction from way back in History. 

We are transported back 2000 years ( 264BC and 146BC to be exact!) with this brutal absorbing epic .

This  legendary time comes rushing back to life as Ex Deo relive the horrific and gory confrontation between two of the greatest Generals that ever walked the earth, Hannibal and Scipio Africanus, both of whom rewrote the rules of war and strategy.


Opening with "The Rise of Hannibal" the symphonics build  as  the drama draws you in, the riffs   entice then bludgeon you , Maurizio Iacono roars and you shudder , listening in wonderment as the song progresses and the battle Drums explode  resonating into the room ,this is full of pomposity and Metal grandiosity. "Hispania (The Siege Of Saguntum)" is a full on onslaught of hostility and attack ready momentum as the Riffs and Drums transport you to the sieges core, this will be fucking amazing live as the mosh pits will be one hell of  thrashing bodies and head banging ecstasy! The pounding of Battle Elephants trudging and trumpeting, whips lashing, men marching while  pounding their Shields , weapons  clashing as Iacono declares "This is War" will send shivers up and down your spine. It makes you feel breathless , enraptured as you let the songs fully immerse into your consciousness.


 So that's the first two tracks and being honest I found it difficult to go past these two and kept returning  when I first got the Album to review.

Once I did get past the openers .. oh my this opus just improves  with every listen   "Crossing of the Alps" tells the story of  treacherous , deadly struggles of crossing unforgiving terrain  as the rhythm section of Oli Beaudoin  pound the  Battle Drums which  merge with Jean-Francois Dagenais Rhythm Guitar and beastly thudding Bass playing from François Mongrain you could close your eyes and be back in those blood thirsty times, marching and being battle ready to unleash your fury!  

"Suavetaurilia (Intermezzo)" is a brief interlude as the instrumental builds up  getting the adrenaline pumping through your veins as the symphonic build up  readies you for the final four songs on this magnificent epic!


 "Cato Major: Carthago Delenda Est!" is massive  and blistering as "Cato" is called to the senate floor, its full of vigorous abandonment as Iacono declares himself a soldier of Rome , you can feel the passion and meaning resonating out of your speakers. You know some times you may think some bands (not all)  are just going through the gimmick i.e Viking Metal etc , but when you listen to Ex Deo you can feel the passion and sentiments are truly  meant.  

"Ad Victoriam (The Battle Of Zama)" readies you as the horns are played and the legions march into conflict , Blood pours and limbs fall as the victory  sees Hannibals armies decisively defeated.

"The Spoils of War" is full of shattering domination as  Scipio Africanus and his men enjoy the decadent "Spoils of War"  Stéphane Barbe meancing riffs continue to hold you in a spellbound state.


Then the piece de resistance is the sublime and empathetic "The Roman" Jonathan Leduc's  keyboards open this finale and what an immense finale it is, this has everything, its a huge ending to a remarkable  story , the Video that accompanies the album is outstanding and one that should be played to everyone Metal head or not ..this is the history of the most important times of the world and one Never to be forgotten!


Summing up:

This will be the second Album that has been released in February where I have listened , become fascinated with the stories of bygone days ,then find myself go-ogling the past.  Rome was such an important part of all humankind and shaped the world we live in and  many respects this  should never be forgotten, in these days where so many are wanting to destroy our pasts and  even re write history its so important that bands like Ex Deo are not only keeping that alive but also maintaining beastly and brutal Metal to make your ears bleed and your body ache from slamming in the arenas of the worlds mosh pits.. Welcome to  Roman Metal Insanity!  


Review: Seb Di Gatto       Score:10/10

Reviewed 12.02.17


Track listing:

01. The Rise of Hannibal

02. Hispania (The Siege Of Saguntum)

03. Crossing Of The Alps 

04. Suavetaurilia (Intermezzo)

05. Cato Major: Carthago Delenda Est! 

06. Ad Victoriam (The Battle Of Zama) 

07. The Spoils Of War 

08. The Roman


Maurizio Iacono – vocals

Stéphane Barbe – lead guitar

Jean-Francois Dagenais – rhythm guitar

François Mongrain – bass guitar

Jonathan Leduc – keyboards

Oli Beaudoin – drums

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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