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                                                                                                               Exorcism   World In Sin
                                                                                             Label: Dream Records
                                                                                             Release Date: June 1, 2015  
Exorcism are another project involving the immense talents of Csaba Zvekan. "World In Sin" is  five track EP limited to 666 copies only!

Zvekan has many projects, most notably Metal Machine ,and Ravenlord.

This EP follows the same path as his full album release with Metal Machine last year "Free Nation" a release  we lauded and adored here at The Metal Gods Meltdown, so we couldn't wait to get our hands on Csabas latest offering "World In Sin" its full to the brim of traditional Heavy Metal that will excite fans of  Ronnie James Dio,UDO  and True old School Metal aficionados.


All the tracks are exemplary  but for me personally the highlight has to be the opening track and album title "World In Sin" a song that would  easily fit on any Dio, Sabbath era albums, its build up and eerily timed tempo floats, then delivers  some razor sharp , stunning vocals  from Zvekan ,the doom laden effects capture your imagination, and seep into your soul.

"Black Day In Paradise" continues the classic Metal fest with crunching guitars and sees a rising tsunami   smashing into your world as this  chest thumping anthem takes you on a journey of  Metal magnificence.


The pace is accelerated and shakes the foundations as "Virtual Freedom" tells a tale of the worlds computer infected insanity, the guitar solo is cutting, this is prolific and mesmerising as the drums and bass thunder  taking your brain cells on a merry dance  of Old Metal Heaven. Then  Middle Eastern vibes are the order of the day as you are swept up on a wild sand storm of delicious riffs and captivating vocal tones on "Sahara".


Final track "Black Star" running just short of seven minutes is full of atmosphere building into a monstrous Metal Goliath so bang your head, punch the air and salute  Exorcism.

Yet another fine and fantastic release in 2015.. The artwork is worth a mention too  Check this EP out its a limited number , and is true ear candy, full of memories of Old School Metal brought bang up to date in 2015 it  will please you 24-7!.

NB: A special mention as well for "Gragoth" who's artwork on this opus is simply stunning.

Review:Seb Di Gatto     Score: 10/10
Track Listing:
1. World In Sin
2. Black Day In Paradise
3. Virtual Freedom
4. Sahara
5. Black Star

Band Line up  
Csaka Zvekan - Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Joe Stump - Lead Guitar
Andy Drake - Rhythm Guitars
Chris Logan - Bass
Mirkko DeMaio - Drums    

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