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                                                                                                                   Fake Idols


                                                                                                                 Label: Scarlet Records

                                                                                                                 Release Date: 16th September 2016

Hailing from Italy we have Fake Idols with their second Album “Witness” featuring members from Raintime, Slowmotion Apocalypse and Jar of Bones ,this band like their fellow compatriots Hell in The Club are similar in the way they mix the Hard Rocking hell to leather good time ingredients into a quick fire platter to rock the proverbial foundations.   

Outta the traps with “Outta Gear” this is a frenetic ,head shaking , fast moving tune that kicks out some mean riffs and hard hitting rhythms .

There are tremendous Vocals from Claudio Coassin, this is a very  impressive beginning and as you progress further into this release you find yourself becoming more and more a fan of these Italian Rockers.


Next the band have a very special guest appearance from Motorhead legend Phil Campbell on “MadFall” and as you would expect it's fast , and furious punching you with an Iron fist ,it pounds into you , knocking you senseless with  euphoric hard hitting riffs, definitely a highlight  without a doubt. 

The guys are due to release a Video of this song very soon! So keep your eyes peeled for that! “So Now” and the highly infectious “Sail” continue the vibrant Good Time Rock N Roll in Spades with  anthem fuelled choruses ,you will be singing along in no time to these fine morsels of kick ass hard rocking fervour.


 “The City’s Burning” features the hugely talented Damna (Elvenking, Hell in The Club) on guest Vocals and rips Milan a new one !! this is my favourite track  and will be a killer live. An instrumental follows called “Silence” that lets you get your breath back , its a  brief reprieve. “I`m a Fake” has some heavy, meaty vibes as the band work their spell  stealing your hard rocking soul.  

A cover of the Chemical Brothers “Go “kind of disappoints, as I don’t think Fake Idols need or needed to cover a song especially from the Chemical Brothers , Saying that it's better than the original song, and will be hellish live. I just feel these talented musicians shouldn’t be covering other bands work when their own songs are fricking awesome in any case!


“Could you Bid Me Farewell” has a raunchy feel to it as the band takes you back to the magical hey days of the Eighties, this band wear their influences proudly  and make damn sure everyone Rocks and Rolls to the mighty Fake Idols! Penultimate track “Prayers on Fire “is another full on blazing rocker. The title track“Witness” ends this opus with  Coassins vocals melding in with the stunning guitars from Ivan Odorico and Crisitin Taverno , and combined with the  roaring, crashing rhythm section of Ivo Boscariol (Bass) Enrico Fabris (Drums) this song  runs just short of seven minutes and is a gritty extravaganza and  a fitting end to an excellent Release.

Hopefully the band will hit even bigger heights having recently signed to Scarlet Records make sure you check them out!


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Review:Seb Di Gatto    Score:8.5 /10

Album Reviewed :28.08.16


1.Out of Gear


3.So Now


5.The Citys Burning


7.Im` A Fake


9.Could You Bid Me Farewell

10.Prayers on Fire



Band Line Up

Claudio Coassin - vocals (ex Raintime)
Enrico Fabris - drums (ex Raintime)
Ivan Odorico - guitars (ex Slowmotion Apocalypse/Raintime)
Cristian Tavano - guitars (ex Jar of Bones)
Ivo Boscariol - bass (ex Slowmotion Apocalypse)


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