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                                                                                                        Falconer  Ultimate Edition
                                                                                                             Label :Metal Blade
                                                                                                          Release Date: 17th April
Swedish Power Metal aficionados Falconer return with the re-issue of their eminent debut album as an "Ultimate Edition" it includes a CD Digi- book, featuring seven previously unreleased versions and demos of tracks from the previously released opus back in 2001.

Also the debut will be released on vinyl only in Europe.

What made this album stand out back then are the Folk elements and the Power Metal mixed in , back in 2001  when this was released hardly any bands of note where doing this.

Of course there are many many groups mixing everything up these days and for the uninitiated this album will please and bewitch you.


All the songs  standout and the added bonus of acoustics will have the bands fans salivating with anticipation. 

 There really isn't an inferior track contained  here , it will please,  and impress everyone who loves their music with impassioned vocals and Classic Power Metal Musicianship.

Personal favourites are "A Quest For The Crown" it is jammed full of folksy tones  with the clean ,classically trained Mathias Bland, weaving the tale, with guitars firing, and drums executing some absorbing beats of Metallic exaltation.

"Lord of The Blacksmiths"  is an absorbing story with powerful melodies , then there is  the  excellent "Wings of Serenity" it  delivers some mean riffs of commanding, and absorbing Metal enchantment.

Jumping further on with the album the bonus track "Per Turssons Dottar I Vange "  sung in the bands native tongue with the added bonus of  a female  singer into the mix, its a truly inspiring piece. Disc two features the bonus tracks which are wonderful in their delivery and really add a special feel to this package. 

To sum up this release , its a Power Metal masterpiece and deserves much much more recognition.  I  Will leave the final words to :Guitarist Stefan  Weinerhall  who  comments:"Re-releasing our debut album in a remastered version is a great kind of interlude while we do our last gigs as a live band.

On top of that we offer our fans to finally hear the demo we did back in 1999, something very few people have heard. We also decided to re-record 3 songs from the debut in acoustic, very scaled down versions. It really got the songs to shine in a new kind of way. So about 35 minutes of unheard Falconer music in both exclusive CD and vinyl versions!"


Review: Seb Di Gatto                     Score:10/10           Facebook       Website

Disc I
 01. Upon The Grave Of Guilt
 02. Heresy In Disguise
 03. Wings Of Serenity
 04. A Quest For The Crown
 05. Mindtraveller
 06. Entering Eternity
 07. Royal Galley
 08. Substitutional World
 09. Lord Of The Blacksmiths
 10. The Past Still Lives On
 11. Per Tyrssons Döttrar i Vänge [bonus]


 Disc II [2015 re-issue]
 01. Royal Galley [Acoustic version]
 02. Wings Of Serenity [Acoustic version]
 03. Mindtraveller [Acoustic version]
 04. Substitutional World [1999 demo version]
 05. Lord Of The Blacksmiths [1999 demo version]
 06. Mindtraveller [1999 demo version]
 07. Entering Eternity [1999 demo version]


 Band Line up :
 Mathias Blad  Vocals,
 Stefan Weinerhall Guitar
 Jimmy Hedlund Guitar
 Magnus Linhardt Bass
 Karsten Larsson  Drums


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