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I want to tell you a story about a Belgian Band I know! They go by the name Fireforce and bring a touch of the Eighties flying back to the present day like an exocet missile, with something called Combat Metal.  This is thrash mixed up with NWOBHM and Power Metal overtones added to the mix.  These guys are amazing live I can tell you having seen them at this years PPM Fest, they stole the day with their combative balls to the wall grooves and relentless assaults on the ears.


Fairly low down the day’s roster, they blew me and everyone else away on that fine April day in Mons.  I mean, when I say, the Eighties, they had a proper stage set with two big cats who had glowing eyes, there was ammo and other militaristic items, as well the band were dressed in combat gear as warriors of the field themselves!  These guys rocked their homeland that day! 

Formed in 2008 this is the bands follow up to their well received debut 'March On'. 


So to 'Deathbringer', which I have been waiting for with bated breath and finally got me mitts on at long last!  It’s a speedy album with sing-along choruses a plenty and Metal delirium to please everyone.  I found Flypes vocals to be gritty, menacing, man, he was on fire throughout this work of art.  


Opening with 'Deathbringer' the band are full on guns blazing, with machine gun drumming and riffs to match, this is quick fire heads down metal!  Then you are dragged to the highlands of Bonnie Scotland as the band unsheathe their claymores and slay the listeners ears, with war cry’s aplenty as the crowd punches the air and metal on metal is unleashed.  This hits home for me, my personal favourite tune on this opus is next 'Combat Metal', hell yeah they played this at PPM and had the place singing along in no time. 



This woke everyone who had been decimated from the previous night’s drinking and partying, with solos galore.  Sing this loud, this is Fireforce and “COMBAT METAL”!!!  An anthem to snap your neck to, while punching the air and saluting these five rampaging metal heads from Antwerp! 



Galloping faster than a horse on ketamine, we get 'Thunder will Roll', a highly infectious number, that sees Erwin Suetens – Guitars and Yves Vermeersch – Guitars shredding wildly, drums are hammered into submission by Christophe De Combe.  Their is a call to arms as 'To the Battle' pulsates into the room as the heavy deep bass of Geert Van Dyck  takes you onto the battlefield and swirling solos are the order of the day.  'Attracted to Sin and Lust' is a slower number were the thudding bass and lyrics draw you in, this is a seductive and teasing number. 


'Words of Hatred' rumbles and thrashes into the room, it’s fast heavy and scintillating power metal with a catchy chorus. 'Aeons' has some wicked solos and again shows the bands amazing talents with a kind of choral arrangement.  It’s a real keeper. 



Then grinding guitars and slow build up brings us into 'Anubis – Lord of the Dead' with a middle eastern vibe the story is told.  I was thinking Iron Maidens 'Powerslave' with this song!  That’s a plus in my book!  And indeed the compliment can be stuck to the next song as well, another darker number with 'Sekhmet', it has early Maiden circa 'Piece of Mind' /  'Powerslave' vibe to it.  Really outstanding, it catches your breath.  



'MN29' is the longest song on here clocking in at just over five minutes, it’s a slow burner it builds and builds with searing metal solos bringing the song to its end. 


Ah and what’s this, a song I hadn’t heard in years and years a cover of the Tygers of Pan Tang's 'Gangland', boy do they pull it off, it’s even better than the original!

So to sum up this is an album full of rasping brutal lyrics and death defying musicianship throughout, highly recommended!



Review by: Seb Di Gatto




1. Deathbringer2. Highland Charge3. Combat Metal

4. Thunder Will Roll5. To The Battle6. Attracted To Sin And Lust7. Words Of Hatred8. King Of Lies9. Aeons10. Anubis – Lord Of The Dead11. Sekhmet – Warrior Goddess12. MN2913.Gangland




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