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                                                                                                               Forged in Fire

                                                                                                               Released: 1st June 2019

What we love here at The Metal Gods Meltdown is when a musician sends us his Album rather than the PR companies.

It’s the personal touch and when it’s from Steve Moore of Stormzone a Band I hold close to my heart, am totally moved and honoured. So, this Album is released today and usually we like to get Reviews done before release date, but work and life has intruded on my reviewing time, so here it is:

Fireland are made up of Stormzones Steve Moore from Northern Ireland and Chaos Frames Vocalist David Brown from the USA this release is a real transatlantic and worldly gem! We have tales of Witches, Dragons, Oppression, War, Life and Death and much more here on this eleven-track monster. “Evil Voyage” opens proceedings with its doleful piano we are then led into a fist pumping head banging triumph with its hellish guitars and backing vocals reloading a gun of heroic emotions, this is a pure bred Metal Album no doubt about it. The next two tracks are my favourites as “Dragon slayer” races outta the pits of hades with its duelling guitars and horns in the air the Dragon truly gets slayed.

 “Banished” is out of this world as Australian Vocalist Mariko Gray of "DestroyerMariko" adds a modern twist to this fantastic track, a song I can’t get enough off… it’s a great mood driven tale with many twists and turns.  “Let the Witch out” is a slow burner and immense with its acoustic guitars that builds into something spine tingingly special. Pounding Drums and more head banging ensues as “Rule 13” rampages outta the gates its snarling chorus pleases and smashes into you with its killer riffs and face melting delivery.


The melodious and stunning “Carve My Name in Stone” features guest backing vocals from Northern Ireland’s rising symphonic metal star Rebecca Feeney, whose band Ravenlight is making waves on the European metal scene. This is another song that touches your soul with its uniqueness and heavenly moments. ....ALL HAIL FIRELAND!!

“Fallen lll” a great Metal enthused track that starts from humble beginnings with semi-acoustic guitars that gently fade out and the screaming full on electric riffs just throw you back to the heady days of NWOBHM.

“Winged Victory” beats into your soul this swoops and glides into your conscience as does the truly excellent “Battlefield”. “NDE” melodious spirit pumps into your mind body and soul. “Hurricane” Rocks you like one with its machine gun drumming that delivers and has one walking in the winds of Metal heaven!


This album is top notch, the drumming, guitar work, vocals, everything!!!!!  If you love heavy metal, that is melodic and lyrical, then this is definitely for you.

To date, the band has played with metal legends such as DragonForce, Blitzkrieg, Jeff Scott Soto, Blaze, Doro, Rose Tattoo and Girlschool. In other bands, the members have toured with Saxon, Stryper, Hell and Kreator, and performed at festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Sonisphere, Bloodstock Open Air, Hard Rock Hell and Leyendas del Roc


Review: Seb Di Gatto                 Score: 9/10



Track List:

1. Evil Voyage

2. Dragon Slayer

3. Banished

4. Let the Witch Out

5. Rule 13

6. Carve My Name in Stone

7. Fallen III

8. Winged Victory

9. Battlefield

10. N.D.E.

11. Hurricane



David Brown - Vocals

Steve Moore - Guitars






The Metal Gods Meltdown

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