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                                                                                           A Legend To Believe In       Limb Music

This is the second band from Italy I have reviewed recently who have gone down the road of producing huge, bombastic sounds encompassed in an epic delivery style to make you feel inspired, leaving you in awe, as these very talented musicians deliver an album of melodic greatness. 

Orchestrations and choirs illustrate a classical influence which isn’t over bearing in the slightest and lets the creative Power Metal influenced guitarmanship flow it is dazzling and superb, the vocal abilities of Dany.


 All are truly stupendous, penetrating, as well as classical and remarkable.  From the haunting opening of 'The Fog' , the album then explodes into life with drumming, a male voice choir and finally erupting as 'At the Gates of The Silent Storm' crashes through hitting the ground running as a mini tornado crashes and guitars are brutalized, Fogalord have arrived and certainly mean business.


This is impressive and symphonic metal at its finest. 'The Fog Lord' cracks and calls out to you, with gigantic riffs and absorbing vocals, leading to my favourite track on the album 'The Scream of The Thunder', from the slow intro the guitars become meatier and chug and burn.  The build-up is enjoyable and like the title suggests it really does thunder and crash.


The title track 'A Legend To Believe In' envelops you, and is possibly the heaviest track on here, galloping guitars, drums battered and heads pounded as 'A Legend to Believe In' leads into 'The Dark Prophecy', a dark and classical two minutes ensue, then back into melodic metal mode as the way is lit by 'A Day of Fire'.  An uplifting track follows with a female singing, and then enhanced by a choir, Dany All’s vocals join in with spine tingling guitars. 

This is simply a brief interlude and 30 seconds of choir then 'The March of The Grey Army' leads to the masterpiece of the album a full fifteen minutes and forty seconds of symphonic, power metal ensues and seriously hits all the right places, it draws you in and is pretty damn perfect, amazing guitar solos, choirs, orchestras, and top notch musicianship commence.  

An absolutely enthralling track to finish of 'A Legend To Believe in', which is an extremely good album, and although not breaking any new ground, this album is very enjoyable and enriching and I am sure it will be appreciated by anyone who has a penchant for symphonic metal delivered with enormous riffs and powerful, expressive vocals.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Follow The Fog
2. At The Gates Of The Silent Storm
3. Black Era
4. The Fog Lord
5. The Scream Of The Thunder
6. A Legend To Believe In
7. The Dark Prophecy
8. A Day Of Fire
9. Our Last Nightfall
10. Strength Of The Hopeless
11. The March Of The Grey Army
12. Of War And Resurrection

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