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                                                Fool The Masses  20/05/2024

MM:First up can you give us some insight into your band and who are your main
Hi and thanks for the invitation upfront. We are FOOL THE MASSES, and you could
describe our music style best as industrial metalcore. All five of us come from pretty
different genres, so the mix we create is something new and exciting, which is important
to us, as countless metalcore bands sound so similar nowadays.


MM: Where do your lyrics come from? What inspires your writing?
This also develops over time as we progress as artists, but the upcoming album, to be
released on June 7 this year, is our vision of a post-apocalyptic world. When we’re writing
music, we start with the instrumentals first, feel the vibe of the song and write about what
comes into our minds, listening to the music.


MM:Does the band have a main songwriter?
No, we mostly write together. Sometimes, one of us has an idea, a cool guitar riff or
specific sounds we build a song around. But mostly we are in the studio together and
give our different influences to create the special FOOL THE MASSES Sound.


MM:“It’s All Lost” is the title of this album; why did u choose that title?
“It’s All Lost” is a very short and pointy title, directly letting listeners know the album’s
theme. As we said, the album depicts our vision of a post-apocalyptic world and the
phrase “It’s All Lost” catches that perfectly.


MM: What would you say is your favorite song on the album today and why (“Death Of
Well, we all have different opinions on that, of course. The last single, which was released
two weeks before the album “Into The Void”, is a nice example because it has so many
elements, which we all love, like deep vocals, as well as clean vocals, typical metalcore
guitar riffs, awesome sound effects, heavy breakdowns and so on. It’s a song that shows
in a great way what FOOL THE MASSES sounds like.


MM:Tell us your plans festival and tour-wise.
We just nearly finished our second Germany tour this year. We are definitely a live band,
and we love touring and feeling the energy on stage. So yes, there will also be at least
one tour for 2025. We also plan to get out of Germany more in the future. This year, we
cut back on the festivals a bit because of the album and our tour, but we will also play
many more festivals in the coming years.


MM: Best and worst thing about playing live?
The best is, of course, when you come on stage and the whole room goes crazy. The
worst is all the driving and waiting for that moment.



MM: Weirdest venue you have ever played?
Other than small or not existing backstage rooms or really small stages, we have not
played in a weird venue before. We played at a festival, that was all about German ground
beef ‘Mett’ – that was a fun festival.


MM: Who would be your ultimate touring buddies?
Wow, that’s a hard one. We get asked a lot about our favorite bands or influences, but
there are just too many great artists from different genres, so it’s impossible for us to pick
one. Yeah, the same with this question: We can’t just choose one without leaving
hundreds behind.


MM:Is there a song written by another band you wish you had written?
Same answer here. There are just too many great songs to pick only one.


MM:What was the first album you ever owned?
Lea: Metallica | Death Magnetic
Niklas: Killswitch Engage | Alive or just breathing
DJ Vornax: Hellraiser | Ultimate Hardcore dance-album
Lucas: System Of A Down | Toxicity
Raphael: Limp Bizkit | Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water


MM: If there was a song about yourself what would it be called?
There is one and it’s called “Party All Night Long”. It’s from our last Album “Welcome To
The Big 7”.


MM: Four words to describe „It’s All Lost"?
Mass Destruction, fire, apocalypse, death.


MM:Final Words for your fans, our viewers, and listeners?
Of course, we want to thank all of you. How many messages we get from people
worldwide saying they like our music is still unbelievable. It’s also unbelievable to us how
many people are buying tickets for our shows, who want to see us, take pictures with us
or want to have our autographs. We’re living every musician’s dream right now and will
continue giving all we can to this band. Thank you!                   Facebook


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