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ForCentury hail from Denmark and have produced a Power Metal epic in 'Revelant'.  The band have been together for four years and this is their second album, believe me, it will seriously leave you amazed, intrigued and wanting more. 

The album opens with 'Seal of The Sinner' and is devilishly buzzing with hell, damnation and guitar riffs to make Lucifer smile. 


There’s even a bit of operatic singing near the end and it is an excellent opening from these Danes and their first single from the album. 

'Outcast' pounds and rocks into your senses, this is Power Metal with a big nod towards the Progressive Metal, just as it should be.


Cracking guitars from Marc Masters, Jens Christen “Jack” Kijne and Kristen Iver Iversens on Bass.  Spiraling keyboards take hold on 'Outcast' with guitar dueling excellence. 

'Ashen' has power-house drumming from Jonas Landt spitting guitar solos. 


This is a pure Metal Meltdown.  If you aren’t already hooked by the third track then you must be dead! Seriously.  Next we have keyboards, a slow opening as the song builds and 'The Shroud' starts to take hold of your senses, then we are into Progressive Metal delirium.  I love Johnn Thunders clean vocal style. 


The guy has you in the palm of his hand.  We get racing, dueling guitars, it really is tantalizing stuff and did I hear a bit of 'Phantom of The Opera' in there? Awesome! Love it!!! 

'Repercussion of Terror' opens with news reports. 

This is a song about the world's social ills and seemingly inevitable terror.


A track that’s over eight minutes long, you are taken into a dramatic and very intelligent song that makes you think about the state of the world we live in.  'Safe Haven' is very melodic and the guitars will send a chill down your whole body, check out the solos, totally spellbinding.


'The Lust Desire and the Temptation' is another epic track with soaring keyboards and twin guitars.  It is a hook laden number.  Penultimate track 'The Reductionist' will have a crowd showing more horns than a Viking fleet, spiraling keyboards intertwined with those dueling twin guitars, classic stuff. 


Final song 'Changing Ways' is a totally competent, progressive number and like all of the tracks on here it does not disappoint, it delivers and has you captivated.  'Revelant' is a passionate, pure Metal album that should appeal to all fans of Metal whatever the genre.  I really hope this band get the recognition they deserve and I would bite your hand off to see them live.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Seal Of The Sinner
2. Outcast
3. Ashen
4. The Shroud
5. Reprecussion Of Terror
6. Beyond Recognition
7. Safe Haven
8. The Lust Desire And The Temptation
9. The Reductionist
10. Changing Ways

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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