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                                                                                                                  Francesco Marras

                                                                                                       Title: It's me!

                                                                                                       Label: Hell Tour Productions

                                                                                                       Release date: 15.09.2022


Francesco Marras delivers his new solo album and boy is this a stunning release, a real balls-to-the-wall rocker that has the feel of classic rock mixed up with some killer riffs Marras brings his impressive musicianship to the fore on this platter having only released instrumentals under his name in the past the Tygers of Pan Tang guitarist lets his skills roar throughout this ten track beast.

Opening with the ever so catchy “Money Talks” a melodic rich track that just oozes class and is due to be released soon as the second single.

In an ideal world, this song would be riding high in the mainstream charts with its message and delicious Hammond organ and guitar riffs ready to melt the ice caps, it’s one you will be replaying Infinitum.

Massive gritty riffs on a bed on of immense moves with the bonus of a special guest appearance from Bodo Schopf from Michael Schenker on drums with the Hammond organ of Marco “Lord” Cossu rocking up the night this is my favorite on here, today anyway! think Deep Purple mixed in with some Whitesnake and a pinch of Rival Sons you get the classic rocking “Take my hand”.

The next song is a purebred anthem and was the first single “You Set My Heart On Fire” is another track with big riffs thrown around a great chorus, this is a real kick-ass number, with its woah woahs it delivers on all fronts. “We Walk The Blue Way” is a great hard rocker with a swagger and drive of intent, this is a meaty morsel and has killer grooves that take you on a magical carpet ride of great guitars and Marras amazing vocals. This album keeps coming up trumps with great song after another as “The Thrill of The Hunt” with its raunchy feel works its magic, its riff roaringly magnificent.  “Lady of Ice” is up next and takes you into ballad territory, with its spine-tingling delivery and heartfelt lyrics it’s a tear-jerking monster! Things are brought back to speed as the classic sounding “In The Name of Rock and Roll” this is the heaviest hitting number on here with its killer chorus and classy moves this is a pure belting morsel of Heavy Metal delight that would not be out of place on any Deep Purple album.

Love the lyrical content of “Do You Hear Me Now”  a thumping number with a clear message, and yes we hear you Francesco! The edgy songs continue as “Embrace The Silence” with its great melody richly rock topped with stunning vocals. Final song “Closer To The Edge” slows things down as the song unfolds you are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions with its feel hinting to progressive rock days and some delightful violin playing courtesy of Emanuele Martinez I would say the best has been saved to last!

Francesco is a very busy man with his other bands Screaming Shadows and The Tygers of Pang Tang but it would be awesome if he can take this album out on the road as well sometime in the future.

What I love about Its Me" Is the use of the Hammond organ and how it duels at times with the guitars throughout this opus.  Francesco Marras has really come up with an impressive work of art here and is a must for any lover of true hard rocking music.


Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score:9/10

Reviewed: 20/08/22                 



1. Money Talks

2. Take My Hand

3. You Set My Heart On Firexz.

4. We Walk The Blue Way

5. The Thrill Of The Hunt

6. Lady Of Ice

7. In The Name Of Rock And Roll

8. Do You Hear Me Now

9. Embrace The Silence

10. Closer To The Edge



Francesco Marras – vocals, guitars, bass, banjo and drums programming

Bodo Schopf – drums on track 2  (Special Guest)

Marco “Lord” Cossu – hammond, piano

Marco Garrucciu – backing vocals

Emanuele Martinez – violin on track 10


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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