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                                                                               Freak Kitchen

                                                                        Cooking With Pagans     

First off.... I have always loved this band !!! 

The title of their new Album “Cooking with Pagans”  makes you smile even before you hear the first track.  

Kicking off with “Professional Help” these Swedes  deliver  something fun wacky and totally out there as always!

A promising opening to what is an album of twelve bouncing singing and dancing on the Bar/Ceiling songs !! 


Led by guitar maestro Mattis “lA”Eklundh this band from the land famous for Meatballs, saunas and Ikea deliver some hot , steaming, ballistic riffs, and whimsical moments to make sure you shop and buy the bands latest opus!

There is  the Benny Goodman cover “Goody Goody” which will stay in your head for hours, days and weeks!

This is going to be a fave live without a doubt !


The hilariously titled “(Saving up for an) Anal Bleach” I won’t even try and reproduce the lyrics and go  spoil it for ya, listen to it, enjoy and sing it out loud!!!


The guys show their music prowess with some stupendous solos throughout the whole album, which will rock ya socks off!

Check out  the cool and excellent “I Don’t Want To Golf”!!  as Winston Churchill once said golf ruins a good walk in the country! The lyrics are extremely damn clever and so true! Love it! In fact guys turn up on a golf course and rather than golf get out ya instruments, and mosh, no matter what your age!!


 “Come Back to Come Back” see’s Freak Kitchen hitting the nail on the head as so many bands these days keep reforming and coming back again and again.

This is the final show...yeah right, and charging you your house ,car shoes and socks to see the band reform again for 90 minutes of what is usually a half arsed performance...sound familiar??


Skipping to the albums final track we get the hypnotic and Asian themed “Once Upon a Time in “Scandinavistan” totally stunning! 


All of the tracks on here seriously rawk and make a statement be it relevant, or irrelevant, this is an enjoyable experience to savour, enjoy, and party out to!


Review : Seb Di Gatto

Track Listing:
1.Professional Help
2.Freak of the Week
4.Goody Goody (Benny Goodman cover)
5.(Saving Up for an) Anal Bleach
6.Private Property
7.Mathematics of Defeat
8.I Don’t Want to Golf
10.Come Back to Comeback
11.Ranks of the Terrified
12.Once Upon a Time in Scandinavistan










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