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Frontback Interview                                                                             Frontback

                                                                                                           Title:Don’t Mind The Noise

                                                                                                           Label: Dead End Exit Records

                                                                                                           Release Date: 25th October 2019                                     

With a lions roar Swedish Hard Rockers Frontback return with “Don’t Mind The Noise” a good time ass kicking head bouncing eleven tracks await as the intro leads you into “Fearless” a great hard hitting track that goes for the jugular from the off , and dosent lose its grip as the anthem fuelled “Lets Play Rock N Roll” gets under your skin , a fist pumping, dancing on tables number that seriously Rawks ya socks off!

As Featured on The Metal Gods Meltdown we get the excellent “I Arrive When You Go” a foot stomping tune that back in the day would have been flying high in the mainstream charts.  


The high octane Rawk n Roll continues to blast outta ya speakers as “Rhythm is Dead” and the awesome “Back To Hell” bounds into the room this is a personal favourite on here, love the lyrics and angst that Arlo brings to this one her super sexy dripped in honey vocals deliver on all fronts as Axel Graneskog delivers some hellish riffs, and the Rhythm section of Jonas Persson (Bass) and Koffe Stridh Drums rock and shock the foundations. “Always on the Run” has a punkish tinge to it as the guys continue to amaze and enthral you. “Glory Days” continues to power through as you continue to bop and trip the light fantastic singing yourself hoarse.


The tempo is brought down a bit as “When the Wind is Gone” you get swept away as Arlos Vocals breeze into the room, simply stunning. The tempo is picked up big style with the fantastic “Movin on” before this opus closes with “Sunny Days” a merry go round of classy mix of delicious riffs and balmy rhythms ensue.  

Yet again we have another excellent Release from Scandinavia, its like the sunset strip has been dragged back, kicking and screaming into the world Swedish Stylee, this is a superb release to add to your collection 100 per cent!


Review: Seb Di Gatto 10/10/19         Score:8/10

Reviewed: Seb Di Gatto


3.Let’s Play Rock’N’Roll
4.I Arrive When You Go
5.Rhythm Is Dead
6.Back To Hell
7.Always On The Run
8.Glory Days
9.When The Wind Is Gone
10.Movin’ On
11.Sunny Days


Band Line up:

Anlo Front - Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar 
Axel Graneskog - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals 
Jonas Persson - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals 
Koffe Stridh - Drums & Backing Vocals 


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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