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                                                                                                               Frontback Interview With Anlo 15/10/19

MM: It’s great to chat to you today, how pleased are you with "Dont Mind The Noise" how impatient are you all feeling waiting for its release in a few weeks’ time

Anlo:we are so excited about this album! we have released 2 singles so far!

It will be so nice to release it October 25.

MM: If you had to choose two tracks to play to someone  totally new to your band which ones would you have me listen to

Anlo: Hm, that's a hard desicion but to show the sound of Frontback it would be "Let's play rock n roll" and "Back to hell"


MM: How does the song writing process work within the band? Is it down to one particular person or do you all get involved?

Anlo: we all come up with ideas and complete them togehter. That makes us get the best sound of Frontback! I write most of the lyrics.

MM: The album cover is interesting, what does it signify

Anlo: I've painted the album by myself, we have had a difficult private year in the band, my dad died to mention one thing. This cover shows that we can get away from the storm even if it's chasing us, and: "Don't mind the noise" doing it!

Nothing can stop the love for music!


MM:Are you having a release party

Anlo: Yes we will have that oct 25 in Stockholm att the club Harry B James!


MM: Plans for the rest of the year and going into 2020 tour wise.

Anlo:Yes we will tour Sweden in November together with Thundermother.

We will play in Gothenburg in December.

Our bookingagency Kingart art Music are booking for 2020 at the moment!

MM: What can we expect from Front Back live

Anlo: A lot of energy, catchy songs and good vibes!!


MM: What do you like best about touring - how do you rate the importance of being seen live and meeting fans whenever possible? 

Anlo: We love to play live and meet all great people that support us, it's important to show how important they are yo us!


MM: Which three Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies

Anlo: Foo Fighters, Royal Republic and The Sounds

MM: Tell me why we should buy “Dont Mind The Noise”

Anlo: It' Frontbacks best album so far and if you like energic rock you will be happy to have this album


MM: Four Words to describe Frontback

Anlo: energy, power, cool, exciting

MM: Quick Fire Round

1.Festival or Small intimate gig- Festival

2.Vinyl or Digital- Vinyl

3.Meatballs or Beer- Meatballs and beer

4. Ikea or Beer- Ikea

5.Hammerfall or Abba- Abba but "Hearts on fire" with Hammerfall is great


Final Words for your fans and our readers

Check out Frontback's album, you can also find videos at youtube, and most of all: it's means the world to have your support!!



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