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                                                                                                               Title: Next Level 
                                                                                                               Label: SPV / Steamhammer

Melodic Metallers  Fullforce have released their second album just 18 months after their debut 'One'.  For those unfamiliar with the band they hail from the Metal / Rock hotbed of Sweden and feature vocalist Mike Andersson (Cloudscape), bassist Tommy Larsson (ex-Heed) and the two former Malmsteen / Hammerfall members Stefan Elmgren and Anders Johansson (guitars and drums). 


Opening with 'Broken Dreams' a melodic tune that will please AOR aficionados and hard rock fans alike.  The second track is chunkier with assertive riffs and heavier grooves than the opening track, this is more like it, same has to be said for 'Back to Life', which is instantly enjoyable and will have you bouncing along.  Next up is an anthem as 'A Night To Remember' washes into your conscience and holds you in  a melodic grip.  You get a Power Metal vibe with 'Karma' and 'Whispers' cranking up the metal and delivering some cracking heavy tune age. 


'Smile At The World' has the same kind of feel as 'Night To Remember' and works its way into your soul, but is more of a ballad than an anthem.  'Hate Love …Drop It!' wakes you from your slumber and cranks it out in a hard rocking melodic style.  The album continues on the heavier vein with 'Visions', 'Course of Life' and the awesome (pun intended) 'Awesomeness'. 


The final track 'Strongest Thing Of All' has some soothing acoustic guitars and like 'Smile At The World', is a moving poignant ballad and a great song to end a top melodic metal album, full of dynamic metal grooves, powerful riffs and amazing melodies. 


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Broken Dreams 
2. Break It, Crack It, Destroy It 
3. Back To Life 
4. A Night To Remember 
5. Karma 
6. Whispers 
7. Smile At The World 
8. Hate ... Love ... Drop It! 
9. Visions 
10. Course Of Life 
11. Awesomeness 
12. Mysterious Ways 
13. Strongest Thing Of All

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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