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                                                                               Lost Salvation Label:  Dream Records/ Cargo Records
                                                                                                     Release:23rd February
Its been a while since Furyons album "Gravitas" was released , and for me personally being a fan of these Brighton Rockers I couldn't wait to get my hands on the bands new album.

I even held back on listening to the EP which was released via Metal Hammer and Classic Rock recently, of course I have seen the Video for the excellent "These Four Walls" which had already whetted this reviewers appetite.

Now at last I have the  whole Album and I am going to try not to be to biased!


The guys are well known for delivering a mix of Heavy Metal, Prog, and Classic Rock, with the amazing soulful and emotional vocal talents of  Matt Mitchell ,the excellent combination  of Alex "Nickel" Bowen  and Lee Farmery accompanied by two world class talented  guitarists , you have the ingredients for something enthralling and captivating and do they deliver with "Lost Salvation"? Well the answer is Yes ....HELL YES!


Opening with "All That I Have"  the band deliver a statement of intent , its energetic and melodious, what a way to start , and then my personal highlight has to be "Lost Salvation" it thunders along with  a chorus that will have venues singing along at full voice,  the guitars sweep and flow as one of the best vocalists in the industry keeps the momentum and has you totally hooked, in fact its taken me ages to go past this track, its addictive and is going to be amazing live! 


"These Four Walls" , as I mentioned was released on video and its a song that covers repression and a look into Ones imprisoned like state. Its a deep intense delivery, sees the band touch  your  very soul, its a powerful  behemoth of a song dripping in Metallic conviction as the guitars are made to scream and your head bangs to the delights of FURYON! 


"Scapegoat" is the longest tune on this opus running over six minutes , its a dramatic song that exudes so much raw passion, its grungy and progressive elements shine out , the guitars thrust and march along to the beat, and then deliver a superb solo as the song approaches its end.
"Resurrect Me"  has an invigorating melt your speakers delivery,  which will have you hooked instantly.

 The whole production is so highly polished through out this work of art . 


The band rip and shred as "Left it with the Gods"  maims your senses.

"Good Sky " opens and takes you on a progressive journey, its a dynamic piece, with some top notch guitar work. "Dematerialize" and "What You Need"  are filled with infectious riffs and deep brooding intent. 

Final track "Wiseman" shreds   and destroys all in its way, its a fast and soaring finish to  “Lost Salvation”. 


An album recorded in Atlanta, US and Brighton, UK and mixed and produced by Rick Beato (Shinedown, Fozzy) & Ken ‘GL’ Lanyon.

Furyon  have come along way since "Gravitas" "Lost Salvation"  is not only remarkable, it's herculean! I hope  "Lost Salvation" sees the band reach the zenith they so richly deserve


Review: Seb Di  Gatto                                            Score: 9.5 /10  


Tracklisting:                                               Website     Facebook    Twitter                                 

1. All That I Have
2. Lost Salvation
3. These Four Walls
4. Scapegoat
5. Resurrect Me
6. Left It With The Gods
7. Good Sky
8. Dematerialize
9. What You Need
10. Wiseman

Lost Salvation EP‘ tracks:
1. These Four Walls
2. Lost Salvation
3. Scapegoat
4. Dematerialised


Matt Mitchell – Vocals
Alex “Nickel” Bowen – Bass
Lee Farmery – Drums
Luca Faraone – Guitars
Tiago Rosado – Guitars















The Metal Gods Meltdown

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