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                                                                                          Ghost Avenue
                                                                                          Title: Even Angels Fail
                                                                                          Label: Independent
                                                                                          Release Date: 07th August 2020
Hailing from Norway we have the excellent  Ghost Avenue with their New Album "Even Angels Fail"  which is a hard-rocking treat as these nordic warriors deliver the goods. Here we have ten tracks of mean, gritty, blistering, pure headbanging Meltdown.  
Opening with 'Best of the Best' the band deals a hand of punchy riffs to please Rockers old and new. This is purebred Rock in the ears and is the sweetest candy and right down my avenue (pun intended).   The  Guitars, melodic overlays, and steady beating drums transport me back to days when I had no grey hairs, was as fit as a fiddle, and generally upsetting the neighbours! The next track bursts into life as these dudes man the guns and fire a salvo of riffs, drums and a full-on catchy  "Breakdown" which is particularly lyrically relevant in these days of lockdowns and uncertainty as Kim Sandvik on Vocals,  the Guitars of  André Berger and  Thomas Eljarbø pound into your soul as the rhythm section of  Petter Lein  Drums with Magnus Liseter  Bass continue to enthrall and kick ass!
"Wasted Generation"'  is another statement that is more than relevant to the world we live in today and works itself into your mind and is going to be a crowd-pleaser without a doubt.The guys have really come up trumps,  its competent professional musicianship throughout, have you hitting the replay constantly on this number and has had me singing along a few times on the tube recently, under the cover of my face mask of course!   
Love the swirling Guitar and heads down boogying feel as "The Fallen" rocks up and takes no prisoners. The tempo is brought down as  "Still Craving"  opens up, and becomes a chug fest of massive proportions. "Take Cover" is an edgy noncompromising fueled rocker and batters your senseless. Then we get  "North man" a nod to their ancestry as tales of Vikings sees these Norsemen on their journey, its a competent track with a hint of Iron Maiden thrown into the mix.  The next two tracks are my favorites on here  "Heroes" bludgeons into your head and has one hell of a work out as you punch the air and dance on tables, its sharp, and cutting grooves have you screaming for more! Next, we have the grungey "A Violent Disturbance of The Peace"  it feels down and dirty as it smacks you in the chops with its killer vibes.
The title track "Even Angels Fail" brings things to a close with its gentle opening building into a heroic work that ticks all the boxes and has you instantly hitting the replay button,  a great finish to an exemplary fourth release from these rockers. 

Ghost Avenue wear their hearts on their sleeves and are clearly influenced by traditional Rock and Metal.

Basically go and grab a hold of "Even Angels Fail' and make sure you also check out the band's previous albums as well, these guys RAWK!! 

Review: Seb Di Gatto          Score:8.5/10


1.Best Of The Best
3.Wasted Generation
4.The Fallen
5.Still Craving
6. Take Cover
9.A Violent Disturbance Of The Peace
10.Even Angels Fail

Band line-up: 
Kim Sandvik – Vocals,Petter Lein - Drums, Magnus Liseter – Bass, André Berger - Guitar and backing Vocals, Thomas Eljarbø – Guitar




The Metal Gods Meltdown

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