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                                                                                                 The Distance    SPV / Steamhammer Records

Gloomball hail from Mannheim Germany, they formed in 2010 , 'The Distance' is the band’s debut album and will appeal to fans of Hard Rock, and Alternative Metal.

The Opener 'Overcome' delivers an industrial sound, with Alen Ljubic's instantly likeable vocals and the bands tungsten steel delivery, you are thus drawn into a superb album. 


The ride continues with the excellent and scorching 'Burning Gasoline', it’s catchy and has some riffs and drums to ignite fires and kicks ass!  Album title 'The Distance' is more melodic, but again impressive with some lovely harmonies and just fits so well into the album. 


Next the heat is turned up with the Industrial and heavy 'Blown Away and Gone' spiky metal grooves are the order of the day, with Daigger and Lenk on Guitars, Basti Moser (Bass) and Danny Joe (Drums) showing their musical mastery. 


'More and More' is deep, disturbing and an intense number as Ljubic sings “Buried all my hopes, throw it overboard, I’ll go on without you, I’m better off alone, can’t stand your lies, hate the way you hide, I’ll kill you quick, you are no more on my mind”.  


Next is a cover of Robert Teppers song 'No Easy Way Out' from Rocky IV.


It’s not a bad track but to be honest is the weakest song on here.  'Bitter Place' brings the album back on track and is quite simply top stuff, as is 'Long Time Gone', which reminded me heavily of Biohazard and Rob Zombie, combined, shaken up, and delivered with riffs that intend to seek and destroy! 


'Your Sorrow Inside Me' is different, progressive sounding; this is nearly grunge, but a bit more upbeat.  'Hand in Blood' is totally infectious and full of vitality.  'Living With My Tender Pain' is really moving and poignant, it’s quite simply outstanding.


Gloomball have played alongside top acts such as Dillinger Escape Plan, Ektomorf, Neaera, Ignite, Parkway Drive and Axxis, so keep an eye out for these rockers as they embark on a tour and catch the essence of Gloomball live, as going by the bands growing fan base and excellent debut album they will entertain, thrill and enthrall you, it's guaranteed!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Overcome
2. Burning Gasoline
3. The Distance
4. Blown Away And Gone
5. More And More
6. No Easy Way Out
7. Bitter Place
8. Long Time Gone
9. We Do Belong
10. Your Sorrow Inside Me
11. Hand In Blood
12. Living With My Tender Pain

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