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MG: 'Ocean Blade' is a brilliant album, what’s the inspiration and ideas behind the album?


Johnny: It’s the same concept as our debut album “The Warriors code”  it’s centered around a goddess figure , you know we had the captain the ship etc. to all fit in with the story and after a while we managed to have a whole album to fit in with the concept for the whole album. And in my opinion it’s worked out okay.



MG: Yes it’s the first time I had ever really heard of you guys and since I have had the album it’s been played nonstop. I really like 'All Men To Arms', do you have any personal favorites on the album?


Johnny: Yes I would say 'Cradle of Heroes' is a favorite it took three weeks to finalise and I am really pleased with the end result.



MG: 'The Warriors Code' was released under a year ago, do you intend to be a band that releases new material so quickly in the future?


Johnny: No not really, directly after the release of 'The Warrior’s Code' we continued writing, and it was a very fluent process.  For me really it isn’t that much time ten months. We are a hard working band that’s big deal!



MG: The names very interesting, what’s the meaning behind the name? 


Johnny: Jens came up with the name.  When we first came up with the band there were just two members Jens and me. We had a think and Jens came up with the name Gloryful and that was fine with me so we kept it.



MG: You recently played a festival with Powerwolf and some others, do you have a stage set themed to 'Ocean Blades' concept. Indeed when you go out on tour on your own?  


Johnny: No we don’t not really, but I think that’s something Jens is thinking about. It’s not really my cup of tea but that’s up to Jens I guess.



MG: Do you have plans to try and get over to the UK at some stage?  


Johnny: Hopefully at the moment we are thinking of a tour in October/ November, no final decisions.  And hopefully there will be some dates in the UK. We just played the Outloud Festival in Germany so hopefully the story will go on!



MG: What vocalists influence you? 


Johnny: I am a big fan of Bruce Dickinson, and who inspires me to use my voice well!



MG: Personally I am a huge fan of German metal, why do you think it’s so successful?  


MG: What can we expect from a Gloryful Show? 


Johnny: A very happy experience, we like to have a great time on stage and hope that transcends to the audience, its powerful and a heavy Metal holiday! 



MG: You have already shared the stage with some big bands, do you have a band you haven’t played with yet, that you would like to tour or be on the same bill as?  


Johnny: Yes Iced Earth, maybe that will happen this year, I am not really sure, but that would be great.   Powerwolf, maybe, there is a chance Sabaton too, that would be great.



MG: Are you playing Wacken?  


Johnny: No it’s a pity we aren’t this year, hopefully for 2015..


MG: Four words to describe Gloryful? 


Johnny: Passionate, Powerful, Old School, Modern Wave of Heavy Metal.


MG: Final words? 


Johnny: We are really thankful for all of the support and hope we will all meet on the road soon!


Interview by: Seb Di Gatto

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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