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 Ocean Blade  Massacre Records

Well here’s a band I hadn’t heard of before, they go by the name Gloryful, these German rockers mix up Power Metal with some Maiden overtones and they really have something I am sure they will appeal to fans of classic metal and concept albums. 


The band released 'Warriors Code' in 2013 and have reprised the Warrior's story on their new release 'Ocean Blade'.  Now having never heard the debut I thought it only fair to listen to 'Warriors Code' first, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but there was something missing, mainly no really memorable songs.  Now with 'Ocean Blade' all songs are memorable and the band deliver a super album with riffs galore and sing-along choruses it is a really good album. 


Vocalist Johnny La Bomba states one of his influences as Bruce Dickinson and that is evident throughout, which is never a bad thing in my book.  The album opens with the crash of waves, then continues the tale of the sea mistress 'Hiring the Dead' opens and draws you in, frantically speeding metal is the call of the day with 'El Mare, E Libertad'. 


Title track 'Ocean Blade' continues to impress and surely it will become a fan favourite instantly, it’s the kind of track where you can envisage a crowd singing the chorus and punching the air with clenched fist, an anthem for Gloryful if ever there was one! 


'Cradle of Heroes' kicks in at over seven minutes long and is a less fast number, but for me it works on every level, complete with a cracking chorus. 


Then you get a sea folk shanty with 'Black Legacy' its calm, but a very chilling song.  The highly infectious 'The Master Hands'“ with the stunning “All men to the arms” gets under your skin and for me personally being at the gym on the treadmill listening to this tune I got into the zone and was taken on a journey to the high seas, and the turbulent waves rocked my soul! 


This one will be a workout favourite for me!  In fact it’s my favourite tune on here, though it was not easy to choose. 

'Siren Song' is so Iron Maiden, it could be one of theirs, but La Bombas vocals are a bit rawer than Dickinson’s it has to be said this and the previous number are stunning, halfway through there is an extended section in the middle where we get some truly nice high pitched female vocals, obviously illustrating the “siren” in the song’s name.  The strangely named 'McGuerkin on the Bridge' had me worried a bit, I immediately thought of Alestorm!!  With a song title like that, but no there be no pirates here!  It’s fast and frenetic. 


The album ends with 'Ocean Legacy', the sound of waves and a floating instrumental.  This album will hopefully help Gloryful go far, already having shared stages with the likes of Powerwolf, and other big Mainland Europe names the futures bright the futures Gloryful! 


Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Hiring The Dead
2. El Mare, E Libertad
3. Ocean Blade
4. The Master's Hands
5. Cradle Of Heroes
6. Black Legacy
7. All Men To The Arms
8. McGuerkin On The Bridge
9. Siren Song
10. Ocean Legacy

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