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                                                                                           Gloryhammer  Interview 2013


James - Glorious and heroic greetings ! Unfortunately Chris is currently frozen in liquid ice. The mighty honour has been bestowed to me The Hootsman (James Cartwright), bass player and legendary Warrior of Unst, to answer your noble questions.  

MM: How's it feel to have the Gloryhammer debut out soon? 
James - Although the album is actually out in most places now, it feels glorious! We’re glad all our heroic fans can finally hear the mighty tales of Dundee.

MM: Describe how different Gloryhammer are from the epic Alestorm? 
James - As epic as Alestorm are, I would say Gloryhammer is ten times more epic! Forget the glitz and glamour of being a pirate.  Gloryhammer is the tale of the hero Angus McFife and his epic struggle to rescue the princess Iona McDougal and destroy the evil Wizard Zargothrax.  If being a Wizard isn’t better than being stinking rum drinking pirate then I don’t know what is!
MM: Why the album title 'Tales From The Kingdom of Fife'?
James - Well ... Unknown to most, Chris is actually the descendent of the “Dundee secret keepers”. His family possesses a book bound and sealed with genuine Unicorn hair and horn simply entitled, “Tales from the Kingdom of Fife”.  Within this book’s magical pages, there is text only visible to a true descendant of the Dundee blood line.  It is from these pages Chris transcribed and created the enchanting songs we present to you today.  After long deliberation and council, we finally decided the world was ready to know the real history of Fife.

MM: So what's lurking under 'Cowdenbeath'? 
James - Our drummer, Ralathor!  The shadowy hermit Ralathor was once in the service of the sorcerer Zargothrax, but abandoned his foul master upon learning of the true nature of his evil.  Now, he dwells in a cavern deep below Cowdenbeath.  He alone knows the way into the dread fortress where the evil wizard Zargothrax is enthroned.


MM: Have you seen unicorns in Dundee? 
James - Personally no, however! The last sighting of a Unicorn in Dundee was in September 1943 by no other than Chris’s Grandfather.  He was flying back from a reconnaissance mission over occupied Holland when he suddenly saw a bright and blinding light.  It was at this point he described feeling a sensation of extreme warmth and happiness.  When he came to there was a rainbow trail left in the distance, it was then he knew it was an unicorn he had read about in the magical transcripts passed down by his forefathers.
MM: The album is excellent and will have Power Metal fans salivating, do you have a personal favourite track? 
James - I would have to say 'The Epic Rage of Furious Thunder'! It recounts the epic final battle between the heroic united forces of fife and beyond against the evil sorcerer Zargothrax.  A valiant 10 minute master piece.
MM: When the band tour will you be soley concentrating on Gloryhammer material or can we expect surprises? 
James - Preparation for touring is already under way!  Hopefully soon we will have some exciting announcements for what will surely be the most heroic show people will see this side of Dundee!  Expect rainbow lights, real life unicorns and lightning bolts whizzing straight past your face!


MM: Who's your favourite Power Metal Bands and what inspires you? 

James - The band all has their power metal and plain old metal favourites, Rhapsody and Bal Sagoth in particular.  Gloryhammer is the awesomeness of power metal without all the nonsense.  Straight to the point heroic fantasy power metal. 

MM: Describe Gloryhammer in three words. 
James - Wimps and Posers.


MM: Finally any messages for your fans and our readers? 
James - Mighty warriors, we salute you for your overwhelming support.  Anyone who hasn’t listened to the amazing 'Tales From the Kingdom of Fife' yet, what are you waiting for?

See you on the road soon, prepare for epic battles!


Interview by: Seb Di Gatto

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