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                                                                                                                  Gone Savage

                                                                                                       Title: Past Life

                                                                                                       Label: Independent

                                                                                                       Release Date:27th May 2020

May 2022 is already looking like it's going to be a kick-ass month for new releases and no more so than the 27th as UK rockers, Gone Savage unleash their debut album to the world.


Opening with “Regression” it keeps you and has you intrigued as it leads to “Icon of Today” its amazing melody and rich vocals from Will Glover take you into a magical carpet ride of hard rocking heaven then the catchy and insanely addictive track “Irresistible”  has you singing along almost immediately as does the killer “Life in Black and White”.. in fact, all of the songs have this effect, it feels like a concept album with hope pain and despair thrown into the melodic metal vortex of awesomeness.

This platter continues to impress with the soaring melodies of a “Permanent state of change” and its chunky monkey bass from Ian Salpeker shaking the walls. The edgy “Bulletproof” rocks up and steals the show for this reviewer, its meaty and tasty licks impress and rock ya soul.

This seasoned band of musicians continues to amaze and beguile you as “Life incendiary” and the killer “Louder than the sun” rock your world with their delicious grooves.

The racy “Love caught me out” pummels your senses as the drums are beaten within an inch of their lives by Dex Tyler.

Wow “Redemption Song” is not only harmonious it is majestic and delivers the goods on all fronts with its depth and emotions.

Penultimate track “Powerless” slaps you in the face with its heavy beat and intent. I think the piece de resistance is the final track on this opus “Touch your God” This one takes all the best elements of the previous tracks and wraps them up into one tight euphonious package, closing the album off in fine style.

“Past Life” is a must for all fans of great melodious rich metal, this classy deliverance is here for all to hear.

Review: 26.04.22                                                  Score:9/10

By Seb Di Gatto



Track Listing:

1. Regression

2. Icon of Today

3. Irresistible

4. Life in Black and White

5. Permanent State of Change

6. Bulletproof

7. Life Incendiary

8. Louder Than the Sun

9. Love Caught Me Out

10.Redemption Song


12.Touch your God



Will Glover Vocals

Ian Salpeker Bass

Dex Tyler Drums

Website –
Facebook – Gone Savage – Official Facebook Page
YouTube – Gone Savage – YouTube Channel
Twitter – Gone Savage – Twitter account
Instagram – Gone Savage – Instagram account
Spotify – Gone Savage – Spotify

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