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                                                                                                                Grand Slam

                                                                                                                 A New Dawn

                                                                                                                 AOR Heaven

                                                                                                                 Release: 1 February 2016

Grand Slam hail from Sweden and are a Melodic Rock band who were formed in 2007.

We don’t usually cover AOR bands much on The Metal Gods Meltdown Website,but I am glad that on this occasion we have with this  new release “A New Dawn” which is a feel good soft rocking delight.

Of course the name Grand Slam pricked up my attention right away as that was the name of the Great  Phil Lynotts band  back in the Eighties so that's  a damn good start and now onto the music!

 I first started listening to the album the day after the horrendous terrorist attacks in Paris and by George these band of Scandinavians rocked me and really lightened my mood , opening with “Light up The Sky” a cheerful, absorbing number reminding me very much of early Bon Jovi ,the whole arrangement is an appetizing morsel of what’s to follow.


“Rock My World” is an edgier track and a highlight on here for me with some cool riffs and keyboard playing to whet even the most diehard Metallers appetite. Andy Sinner releases the full force of his vocal talents on “Face” yet another highlight on this opus.

I am not the hugest fan of the keyboards, but the keyboard laden track " New Dawn” is  simply tremendous  courtesy of Daniel Gronberg Svensson especially on “One Way to Heaven”, it’s a great way to take a trip to paradise, a definitive segment of AOR Nirvana.

“Don’t Leave” has a mean and raunchy feel to it as Andreas Gullstrand throws out some fine riffs and Andy Swainz Drums combined with Henrik Hansson's bass thud and Andy Sinners vocals take on a lower tone at first, simply put it’s a stunning song.


“Get High” Is another sophisticated piece of AOR majesty with an outstanding guitar solo from Gullstrand , he makes his guitar sing and sends shivers up your vertebrae!

“Take Me Higher” is an anthem to have you dancing and singing in unison with these Swedish Hard Rocking aficionados.

“Waiting for Tomorrow” is an edgier piece again with a catchy chorus to have fans of this genre in exaltation at the bands mastery.

Penultimate track “I Want to Live” Sees the band deliver another song that’s a thematic  rock your soul  mighty damn fine anthem, with delicious riffs again delivered from Andres Gullstrand.

The album closes with the stomping “Don’t Mess with Me”


Sometimes, not very often in my case! Its nice to listen to the mellower side of Hard Rock and Grand Slam have really delivered  with “A New Dawn”

To sum up the whole album has an 80s vibe and is simply a mouth-watering release to rock your mortal coil!


Review : Seb Di Gatto  Score:9.5 /10              Grand Slam Interview

Band Line Up:
Andy Sinner – Lead Vocals
Andreas Gullstrand – Guitar
Andy Swainz – Drums
Henrik Hansson – Bass
Daniel Gronberg Svensson - Keyboards
Track Listing:

01 Light Up The Sky
02 Rock My World
03 Face
04 One Way To Heaven
05 Don’t Leave
06 Get High
07 Take Me Higher
08 Waiting For Tomorrow
09 I Wanna Live
10 Don’t Mess With Me




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