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                                                                                                               Grand Slam  Interview


MM: A New Dawn gets released soon, how excited are you and I understand you are having release party on the 30th of January  

DGWe are, of course, very exicted over the release. We have put so much effort and work in this record sp we really hope that it will come out well and that the listeners will enjoy the music.

We had our release party yesterday and played at a club and the audience were amazing. It was a real fun evening! The response from the crowd was great



MM: is there a significance in the album’s title  

DG: Yeah, sort of actually. Andreas came up with the title and the significance is that the album marks a new chapter for Grand Slam. A new start if you so like. It is now it begins.


MM: You formed in 2007, how much would you say the band has progressed over the years, musically and in general life?

DG:Oh, that was a tough one. The music idea is basically the same but we have become better over the years to sound the way we want to sound. What we hear in our minds when we write a song is now what you actually hear on the record. The biggest difference when we play live nowadays is that we have some backtracks. That was Andreas initiative and that makes the gigs sound more like the record with all the produced pads and stuff.

In our general life - it depends of who you ask of course but if you look to the group It's not so different. We do what we do and that's how it always have been. We are better to cooperate with each other than for some years ago.


MM: which tracks you are particularly proud off and looking forward to playing live

DG That's also a individual question but in my opinion I still like "get high" and "face" the most. They are two poweful hits. The two most fun songs to play live is always "get high" and "take me higher". "Take me higher" is filled with so much positive energy and you can really feel the energy that flows through the audience. 


MG:If I was new to “Grand Slam” which two tracks from the new album would you play me to introduce me to the band

DG:I would pick "light up the sky" and "don't leave" if you never heard us before. You got the heavy stuff in "don'leave" and all the melodies in "light up the sky".


MG: Are their plans to tour extensively to promote the new album?

DG: We play as much as we possible can.


MM: What can we expect from Grand Slam live

DG:An outburst of energy! You will have an emotional experience and leave the concert with the songs still in your head and think that life is a little better than before.



MM: The whole Scandinavian scene in Hard Rock and Metal is totally amazing, how much do you put this down to the music education programmes you have their, or is it really the dark cold evenings sat with friends drinking and making awesome music that has seen that part of the world thrives  

DG: It's those two factors put together. Thanks to the music programmes everybody can learn how to play an instrument and learn music theory from a young age. Those programmes are something to care about and be grateful of. It gives us a musical head start compare to other countries.Then you got, as you say, our northern climate. Sweden can be a land filled with melancholy, especially during the autumn and winter, and that reflects in our music. No matter if It's folk music, pop or metal. The feeling is there.


MM: Can you remember the first gig you ever went to and who or what inspired you to become a musician

DG: My first gig was when I was about eight yeats old and went with my father to se a swedish rock artist. Not that I enjoyed his music but because I just wanted to go to a concert.


MM: Similar question first Record/CD you brought?

DG:I have always liked music and started too playing the trumpet when I was about nine but the group who really inspirerad me from the beginning was the Sex Pistols. They showed that everybody can do it if you really want to.


MM: What’s the ultimate goal for Grand Slam

DG: As Andy Swanis so humble said it in another interview once - world domination!



MG: Tell me why we should buy “A New Dawn”

DG:Because it is a really, really good record. You got the heavy guitars, drums like thunders, a crushing bass in harmony with the very melodic keyboards and the amazing vocals.


MM: Four words to describe Grand Slam

DG: Harmonies, force, emotions, sound


MG: Silly question: Meatballs / Beer or Ikea

DG:Meatballs and beer!


MG :Final words for your fans and our listeners

DG: The whole band really hopes that you will enjoy our record "a new dawn" and support us through this fantastic musical journey.



Daniel Grönberg Svensson (keyboardist, Grand Slam)                                                         

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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