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                                                                                                      Grave Digger 
                                                                                                    Title: Clash Of The Gods 
                                                                                                      Label: Napalm Records

I had heard of this band and have a few tracks of theirs, but I never really sat down and appreciated them, I am pleasantly surprised by 'Clash of The Gods' and how much I enjoyed it.  This is Grave Diggers sixteenth album and is based on Greek mythology, the album is real NWOBHM but with something extra dragging the sound into 2012, let’s make no bones about it. 

The band is led by front man Chris Boltendahl who uses his sinister vocals to great effect.  The album opens with 'Charon', which is a bit odd, but any way on to 'God of Terror' which makes you want to batten down the hatches and break out the ouzo!!!  'Helldog' is totally absorbing and melodic, then 'Medusa' opens with a hushed whisper before bursting into life.


'Clash of the Gods' slows right down with a doom laden movement, then Boltendahl verges on death metal vocals. 'Death Angel and The Grave Digger' has galloping Judas Priest style guitars and is a favourite on this album for me.  Next 'Walls of Sorrow' really crank it up, with intense and insane thrash laden riffs from Axel Ritt and a heavy bass from bassist Jens Becker, this is a head-banging, ball of metal aggression.

'Call of the Sirens' slows the tempo right down and is a ballad in tone. 'Warriors Revenge' is catchy as hell and will rock your foundations.  'With The Wind' is a likeable moment as we head towards the final track 'Home At Last'.  This one and 'Death Angel and The Grave Digger' are for me, the best tracks on here.


'Home at Last' is an upbeat metal anthem, horns in the air sing-along and a great way to finish a competent likeable album from these Teutonic terrors.  It won’t change the world and I am not sure if it will win over many new fans, but I should imagine the Grave Digger die hards will enjoy it.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Charion 
2. God Of Terror 
3. Helldog 
4. Medusa 
5. Clash Of The Gods 
6. Death Angel And The Grave Digger 
7. Walls Of Sorrow 
8. Call Of The Sirens 
9. Warriors Revenge 
10. With The Wind 
11. Home At Last

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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