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                                                                                                        Healed By Metal

                                                                                                        Label: Napalm Records 

                                                                                                        Release Date: 13th January 2017

"Healed By Metal" is the latest album from German Metal legends Gravedigger. They formed back in  1984 with a  short break between 1987 - 1993 , there have been many line up changes through the years with  front man Chris Boltendhal being the only original member and  mainstay overseeing  the band as they unleash their eighteenth opus.

The title track opens things up with its fists punching the air singalong chorus, this is  an instant winner , a full blown metal assault on your senses, its a valiant opener to Blast out loud and proud! "When Night Falls" is  next, its full of powerful riffs and neck snapping ,   thrashing momentum. Spewing out of your speakers comes the excellent " Lawbreaker " and personal favourite  for me  it has an  an-thematic chorus and glass shattering guitar solo pummels and bruises you.  


" Free Forever"  opens in a more sedate fashion than the previous tracks its a competent tune but not as strong as the first three songs. "Call  For War"  is a pulsating march into the Battlefields with its heroic delivery and frenetic musicianship. 

"Ten Commandments of Metal" is a song of  worship and tribute  to this thing we call Heavy Metal,  it may be cheesy as hell , but it will see you on your knees punching the air and praising  Metal with Bolthendhal and his boys as  Axel Ritt makes his guitar bleed and the Rhytmn section of   Stefan Arnold Drums  and Jens Beckers  Bass nourish your ears with this hymn to the Metal cause!


Bolthendhals gravelly Vocals combined with galloping Guitars continue to keep you hooked as "The Hangman's Eye"  opens and sees  Marcus Kniep Keyboards come more to the fore on this one. "Kill Ritual" is another highlight on here as the band delve into the   ghoulish and bizarre world of the dark arts.

Then errr "Hallelujah" comes boumdimg outta the blocks... its so Powerwolf!!  and blatant with it ! But a fun track of course ! just the comparisons are glaring!  The Album comes  to a close with  "Laughing with the Dead" its the slowest song on here..but not to slow!! its  a powerful dark ending to an anthem fuelled platter.   


"Healed By Metal"  ticks all the boxes for fans of Old School Metal, and is busting full of Metal Anthems to sing along to as you party into the night.                                                                    GET HEALED BY METAL IN 2017!!


Review Seb Di Gatto   Score :8/10

Reviewed: 19.12.2016



1. Healed By Metal

2. When Night Falls

3. Lawbreaker

4. Free Forever

5. Call For War

6. Ten Commandments Of Metal

7. The Hangman's Eye

8. Kill Ritual

9. Hallelujah

10. Laughing With The Dead



Chris "Reaper" Boltendahl: Vocals - Stefan Arnold: Drums - Jens Becker: Bass - Marcus Kniep: Keyboards - Axel "Ironfinger" Ritt: Guitars





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