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                                                                                        Graveyard Shifters
                                                                        Brainwashed by Moonshine   Eternal Sound Records
Now  if you are a fan of the Hellacopters, AC/DC  and Turbonegro  you are going to love this band of Finnish punk rockers, formed by members from Finnish Metallers Re Armed you get five tracks of barnstorming Punk attitude to have you bouncing around the bar, and doing back flips,  while drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels!


The band started in the fall of 2013 with singer J. Matilainen and drummer A. Salmenoja being abducted by aliens  from the sky.


Our heroes we’re forced to return back to Earth and make a change to the nowadays ‘polished music’  that infects our planet from all corner of the globe.

The Aliens taught them well,   and these Scandinavians deliver five tracks of immensely catchy,  fun,   rocking , and punk attitude inspired tunes.


Opening with the dazzling "Chicken  Cage of Terror" its instantly likeable and  delivers fun times of a rocking, singing , and jumping about  with the aforementioned  "Chickens" it pecks  at you gets into your head, unlike chicken nuggets,  fried , manufactured,  and boring, this is a Prime Chicken licking opener!


Love the growls as J. Matilainen on vocals rattles his cage.


Up next is "A Good Day To Die Hard & Loud" with a sing-along chorus , then my favorite on here is the third track in "Graveyard Shifters" from the depths of a Lucifiers hell hole  the band grab you by the ankles and spin you around in a frenzy of delicious  rampaging and destroying everything in its way, SING!! "WE ARE GRAVEYARD SHIFTERS"!!  


"Molotov Cocktail" is ferocious  and lets loose an onslaught of  infectious grooves and will have ya pogoing and headbanging around the stage its damn explosive! Final track "Play The Victim" opens gently with an acoustic guitar then opens into a much slower vibe..Then all hell breaks loose ,and slows down again as the track reaches its end  great fun and  deffo blew my mind listening to these guys!


So to sum up Their mission is  to create new music to blow YOUR mind. This is only to be the beginning of the GRAVEYARD SHIFTERS! The ep was funded by the band selling and recycling all the empty beer bottles on the studio floor! So say  grab a hold of this E.P  get hammered with moonshine   and go wild with Graveshifter!


Review Seb Di Gatto

                                                                                                  Graveyard Shifters Interview

Track Listing:
1. Chicken Cage Of Terror
2. A Good Day To Die Hard & Loud
3. Graveyard Shifters (Necromance)
4. Molotov Cocktail
5. Play The Victim




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